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5/3/2017 10:16 PM


I'm needing someone who can help me find a picture . I'm planning on getting a tattoo , and there's an image that I want to use as a reference , not copying but certain aspects I want incorporated in it . It's on Sean Ricany , and I think it's like on his left arm ?

It was posted a LONG time ago , like easily a year and a half ago . I think the tattoo artists Instagram is gueiffre or something like that , he does really good black and grey realism .

I've tried looking myself a while back but couldn't find it , this is kind of the idea of what he has but not the exact image ;


If someone manages to find it I'll EMT you 5$ CAD when I set up ny PayPal in the next couple days .


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5/3/2017 11:11 PM

Take that to any half decent tattoo artist and they'll be able to draw up what you want. If you don't want it exactly the same, just find a couple of images that are fairly close on Google as reference.
You'll have something a bit more original that way


5/4/2017 9:40 AM

looks like a "Guardian Angle" kind of idea? I don't know if it is an exact image, but it reminds me of the old school Angelic paintings you see from like the Middle Ages/ Renaissance

Like Grumpy said, an artist worth his money would be able to use that as a springboard for your idea.


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5/4/2017 10:01 AM
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Hey Brayden. PM me dude. My brother is Akira from Akira tattoos in Langley. He can by far exceed what you are asking for and has a private studio that's been running for 15 years. And yes to above advice use that as a springboard and get a custom piece.