Help installing new R32 forks

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9/3/2016 7:56 PM


HI all,

I just went to put my new Odyssey forks on (sweet fathers day present) and I've noticed that they are quite a bit longer than the forks I was replacing... Or maybe the steerer tube on the my frame (BSD Passenger) is quite short??

Anyway I'm off to the bike shop to either get it cut or get some spacers.

So my question is, are these forks known for being longer than others?

Sorry for my ignorance, I'm still pretty new to this tongue

9/3/2016 8:24 PM

They're about the same as other forks. Better for it to be too long than too short since you can always add spacers or cut it down.


9/3/2016 8:34 PM

Don't cut them , I know warranty from odyssey is good supposedly but it just becomes a mess , you can fuck it up and it's not worth it . I'd suggest run your stem with spacers below it to fill the gap and get used to the taller end ( a high front end feels awesome , especially for your back ) and keeps things simple .


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9/3/2016 8:44 PM

Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Don't cut them , I know warranty from odyssey is good supposedly but it just becomes a mess , you can fuck it up and it's not ...more

Cutting it down doesn't void the warranty, unless of course you cut it too short/cut the threads off. Then yeah that voids it.

But yeah, as long as you cut it straight using a saw guide or something, then file the edges down, it'll be just fine. I've done it to mine cause I personally hate a taller front end. I like mine slammed, but to each his own.


9/3/2016 11:04 PM

I've cut the steerer on every pair of forks I've owned, it's expected, that's why the thread for the compression bolt goes so far down. Just use a pipe cutter or good saw guide, measure three or four times just to be certain of the length you want. You want the top of the steerer 2 or 3mm below the top of your stem so the compression bolt can do it's job


9/3/2016 11:42 PM

Thanks all, my local BMX shop charges $10 to cut forks down, so I'll take it there and get it done correctly if I end up cutting...

I'm feeling like I'm going to try it high with spacers to start with though cool


9/3/2016 11:50 PM

Never mentioned it voiding warranty but it can come into effect , I'm not really into cutting anything but bars , threads can get iffy if you fuck up .


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9/4/2016 3:08 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/4/2016 3:08 AM

Skitter, my two cents....

I recall your early post regarding back pain caused from riding and working.

As you already mentioned but may I strongly suggest, don't cut the forks down and run the stem to the top of the forks with washers stacked underneath?

Why? I'm a few years off from sliding into my fourties and I've found tall bars, top load stem and the forks not cut down makes a massive positive difference in how the bike rides and the impact it has on your back.

May I further suggest, given your height and frame size, pull the bars back so they are in alignment with the forks. This will move your weight and centre of mass back over your hips and legs where the larger muscle groups are able to cope with the impacts and riding. Imagine being in a half squat for lengths of time but leaning forward, how much strain would that put on your back?

Pull the bars back and a shorter top load stem with more rise will help and is a cheaper option than buying a new frame. I'm running the Odyssey TL48 - Sexton stem and it's made a large difference, 48mm long and 33mm rise:

Let us know how the bike feels running the stem at the top of the forks....


9/4/2016 4:21 AM

I'm 6', 35 years old, and have had back problems in the past. Tall bars don't make a difference, and make your bike a lot more responsive (a lot easier to loop out on manuals, sketchy landings etc). I found taller bars actually made my back worse due to the extra effort involved in keeping the bike stable/not looping out, and the lack of stability threw my confidence way off.

Play around with height whilst you've got the room, but don't be scared of cutting the steerer down. Just find what works for you as everyone is different.


9/5/2016 12:29 AM

I know they have a SLIGHTLY higher tube than most. I chose these as well because, when measuring, these forks were the only ones that could properly accomodate my gyro and spacers I wanted.


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9/5/2016 1:47 AM

Heck yeah man nice new setup! Put the spacers under the stem to get the bars up higher


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9/5/2016 7:45 AM

Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Never mentioned it voiding warranty but it can come into effect , I'm not really into cutting anything but bars , threads can ...more

Have you ever even touched a set of Odyssey forks? The threads don't begin until an inch or two down the steerer tube. You would literally have to be trying to mess up the threads. Most people here can handle working on their own bikes without breaking them. Most.


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9/6/2016 12:00 PM

Warranty is not affected UNLESS the warranty claim is DIRECTLY influenced by the cut steer tube (IE bad cut causing issues, cut to short etc).

If you cut your steer tube 1/4 inch well and your dropout snaps, they won't be like "You cut your steer tube and that caused this".


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