Help me Customise my Kids bike

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11/7/2019 4:27 PM

My son has just started racing BMX, hes been racing in other disciplines up until now but has been keen as to get into BMX and after regular training for about 8-10 weeks is pretty ready to get into it.

He is currently riding a SE Mini Ripper, the bike is currently as bought but i am keen to upgrade it in any way shape or form over the coming 12 months to give him what he needs to be successful.

What should be the priority items to upgrade and what should i be upgrading too?
Hit me with anything that you recommend so i can gradually kit him out over time.

Pedals, Forks, Wheels, Bars, Hubs, Seat etc.


11/7/2019 6:30 PM

What size bike is it?


11/7/2019 8:45 PM

I'd hold off a bit to see if he actually is into to it before spending more money.

He will most likely grow out of all those parts. The only parts I see carrying over would be hubs. Profile Elite with Ti bolts is what I'd recommend.


11/7/2019 9:47 PM

I'd replace what needs to be replaced. No need to spend money if the bike works well for him.

Tires and grips are always good upgrades though.
pedals are good, if his are worn out or lacking in traction (assuming he's not clipped in)
wheels are nice but if they don't need replacing, i'd not upgrade them. Maybe have a shop look them over and make sure they are in good working order.

save your money for the next bike he'll need when he grows.

or, better yet. buy a bike yourself so you can ride together.


11/7/2019 10:09 PM

If you’re looking for race-specific parts, this may not be the perfect place. Pretty much everyone here is a part of the freestyle scene.


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11/8/2019 4:35 AM

I'm going to assume you want upgrades that have some sort of performance output increase so with that in mind you're more likely to get direct change thru replacing the drivetrain. Gearing has a lot of direct relation to speed and ease to gain speed. You'll probably need someone else to give you a little input since ya kids new to BMX but sprocket, cranks, rear wheel, and pedals will be most important. Inversely brakes to stop said speed are also going to be a big confidence boost. I'd stay away from clipped in pedals to start with but it's a good thing to think about later on I suppose