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2/24/2016 8:06 AM

i'm really ashamed of what i'm doing now, but i have got no other choice. gonna get it clear, my bmx frame snapped yesterday and i'm afraid i can't afford a new one, specially because i'm gonna have to pay extra hundreds of dollars to be able to order another one and get it shipped to my country (Egypt), plus my father won't help me in anyway as he doesn't even consider bmx as a real sport. i'm working as a gas station worker and i can barely afford my food and clothes, i won't bother asking my father for money anymore. i'm a simple person and i admit i cannot afford a new frame and bmx was my last hope in life.i'm using a newly registered account to hide my identity because this is a position no one would like to be in. i'm requesting a financial support from whoever has an extra any amount of money for me. i'd take ANY amount. just if you have extra cash. if you think that the small amount is useless to you, it's gonna be really helpful for me and i'd take it thankfully. i am REALLY in need and i have no other choice.

whoever wants to help me can send me a forum pm or make a post with his Email so i can send you a paypal payment request.
Thanks in advance.


2/24/2016 3:55 PM

I don't have any money but a suggestion is 12 your piece back together that snapped its a pretty easy process if you don't know how to weld search up a video


2/24/2016 3:55 PM

Weld not 12


2/24/2016 4:07 PM

Have someone weld it up for now, search local garage sales and or facebook/social media pages, ask friends if they have anything laying around, see if locals have anything, pick up a second job, work overtime if it's an option, do odd jobs (cleaning, dog walking, yard work, repair stuff, deliver newspapers to old folks, the list goes on.

As to paying so much, are there any bike shops near you? Or if you plan to order from the US, try from UK area instead? Save up for a weekend trip if you can (there is always a way to lighten your spending a little-avoid name brands for food, grow your own veggies if you can, the list goes on).

Sell some stuff you don't use very often?

As to your father, that's an uphill battle. Why does it matter if it is a sport? BMX riders and racers in many cases are in INCREDIBLE shape compared to a LOT of "professional" athletes.


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2/25/2016 7:20 AM

I agree with dave, I was in a similar situation with my parents when I first started. They considered bmx a fad that was was going through and were afraid that it would effect my studies. After a while and seeing how committed I was to the sport they opened their minds up a bit enough to support it. I still studied and did well in school while managing to ride during my free time. Just keep at it and show your parents that this isn't something that your just going to do for short while then get bored of later. With some time they will understand just be patient. As for your bike situation try to earn some money with honest hard work like cutting grass or something. Be responsible and save up to own a good bike that wont brake on you. Also by doing this it will show your parents how serious you are about bmx and will help prove your point even more. I've have to work some pretty crappy jobs in order to get my bike to the state that its in today. Just work hard and don't give up it will pay off in the end.


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