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Ark Ark
8/22/2015 7:36 AM

Hello guys, I couldn't find any active bmx forums in my language, so I came here. I need help choosing bmx. I already looked at some and I would like choose from these or at least this site. Here are my favorites:

Mafiabikes bmx - Not sure about parts, owner doesnt respond to my messages atm, price may drop up to 20euro.

Haro bmx - Most parts are original.

Jet Generate Bmx - Bike is new. Parts

SE Wildman - Parts written. Price will drop below 200euro.

My favorite - It looks nice (at least for me). Parts aren't listed. Owner haven't replied yet.

Black one - Parts listed (Frame: wtp justice 2012, fork wtp 2012, others: salt/eclat)

Pretty nice - Parts listed.

If you need any translation, write! Waiting for your replies.

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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
8/22/2015 10:30 PM

Free bump, your post mistakenly got stuck in the spam filter (probably due to all of the links and being a new member)

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