Help on air outs

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10/1/2008 8:32 PM

For the last couple weeks i have been progressing towards actually airing out on a quarter. The first days I'd go up maybe half way then 180, gradually i moved up to about three quarters of the way before hoping, and then last night I tried just hitting the ramp and turning in the air. I did it alright and it felt good but my back tire cased the coping.

I tried it again and it cased it enough to make me fall, what am i doing wrong?


10/1/2008 9:40 PM

nose dive when your goin back in



10/1/2008 10:40 PM

pull out and learn how to use your arms to absorb it when you case
i got about five foot airouts now and i case from time to time
jsut gotta use your arms


I ride in tight pants and what :]]