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9/8/2016 8:05 PM

I am Left foot forward, I naturally spin to the left and fakie out to the left. Is this gonna effect me in the long run? And do i need to relearn 180's and fakies the other direction?


9/8/2016 9:36 PM

No, just because the "norm" of BMX isn't yours, it doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. Whatever feels natural to YOU is the right way to be doing it.


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9/8/2016 10:35 PM

That's called an Indian giver, they're kind of frowned upon these day's but it doesn't really matter. I'm an Indian giver too, I just can't turn the "right" way out from fakie, especially when I fakie from a quarter. With 180's I've learnt that slightly over rotating and only doing a crank or 2 backwards helps me turn out the same way I spin. You can teach your self to turn out the right way by practicing it a lot, but to me it feels really awkward


9/9/2016 11:07 AM

An Indian giver is unwinding your spin, IE spin 180 to the right, then fakie out to the left, unwinding your spin.

As to being correct, can you do it as you described? If yes, then that is correct. If no, then try the other way.

As long as you are comfortable, that's all that matters.


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9/9/2016 1:27 PM

Actually, after reading what Dave said and re reading the original post. It's what's known as dick footed, but it's not a bad thing at all, dick footed people have a few advantages (air their regular way for lookbacks, usually find oppo stuff a bit easier). And often have a good style