Help with S&M of Fit forks and front brake

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6/28/2015 5:08 PM

I want to add a front brake to my Fit CR24 using a Potts mod style thru the stem cable. The problem is, I have the small H10 compression bolt with a washer welded inside the fork.

The bolt is a 10x1.25. It is hollow, but the hole in maybe 2mm tops.

Where do I get a hollow one that the cable will fit thru? The link above looks like what I have. I don't want to drill it out as I think that the Allen key hole is smaller then the cable hole.

Any ideas? I have seen pics of the Fit with a front brake, but they are in threads from 2010 and I didn't want to bump old dead threads. I have been searching like crazy. I would even take a wrench Potts mod bolt at this point, but would prefer something that looks decent.

Thanks for you help.

6/28/2015 6:38 PM

get new forks or go without the potts mod.....sorry sad


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6/28/2015 7:48 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/28/2015 7:51 PM

You could grind out the washer and use this or drill and tap the washer in your fork for the bolt and forget the star nut.


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6/29/2015 5:36 AM

New forks are out of the question. Too much $$.
I was thinking about drilling and retapping the hold int he welded in washer. I should have that size tap already.
So if I were to mess up the retap, I could use that star washer instread?

thanks for the help.