Help with spline drive Sprocket on a Ti Spindle.

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10/4/2016 12:48 PM

Just got a Stolen Ti Spindle that's guaranteed to work with all 48spline cranks but I'm having a lot of trouble getting my Sprocket on. It's a WTP and goes on fairly easily on my profile Spindle but got stuck about halfway on the Ti spindle. I read about the washer trick and using anti seize lube. Would like advice from anyone who has dealt with and hopefully solved this problem too. I've read reviews where they say to never use sd on Ti but others say they had no problem.


10/5/2016 9:44 AM

I've heard that the splines on profile axles are very slightly different to any other 48 spline axle. I've never experienced it first hand so don't really know.
You could try heating the washer slightly? They're supposed to be a very snug fit, so it might just need some extra effort on a brand new axle