High Definition vs Standard Def

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10/8/2013 2:58 PM

So I was reading the comments on this video and was caught off-guard by this comment....

How do you guys feel about SD vs HD footage? I personally like both, but with the prevalence of HD footage these days, I can kind of agree that when something pops up that was shot in SD, it's a bit of a breathe of fresh air.

Maybe I'm just an old guy who grew up watching videos shot in SD, so it could be a nostalgia thing, I've heard a lot of kids (who likely grew up watching nothing but HD web content) bitch about the shitty "blurry square" look of SD stuff.

Thoughts? Opinions? Rants?


10/8/2013 3:09 PM

I personally don't care. Give me a nice feel-good edit that gets me hyped and I'll watch the shit out of it. I mean, I do prefer HD, but there's nothing wrong with a little standard definition. A good edit is a good edit regardless.


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10/8/2013 3:24 PM

i film in both, currently in HD scince i have been doing alot of photo/film shoots with cars and stuff, but i have made an SD video with my dvx that was stolen. so idk. i love both, but to me HD is alot harder to film, especially if you are filming like JC pieri or joe simon



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