How do I add air to OM Duro XL tires?

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6/6/2020 1:42 PM

Just got my SE Bikes OM Duro XL and noticed the valve stems look different on the tires than others. Is there a special attachment needed to air up the tires, or do I just unscrew the valve stem and use a regular bike pump? TIA


6/6/2020 2:25 PM

sounds like they are Presta style. Just unscrew the tip bit.. then you need a presta sized pump. Most modern bike pumps seem to have both valve sizes on them these days.

or you can buy an adapter for like 3 bucks at a bike shop that will thread onto the presta valve and let you use your pump if you don't have a presta pump...

fill up the tire, screw the tip back in and go ride..


6/6/2020 2:42 PM


They're presta as pnj stated. You can find these at any walmart if you don't have an LBS nearby. Cheaper than a new air chuck for sure