How do you handle security/police?

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11/6/2017 1:55 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/6/2017 2:12 PM

I am typically very respectful when asked to leave, there have been some people that rub me the wrong way and I mouth off a bit but still leave.

What are your policies and any stories to tell?

I have had many instances with police in my life, mostly non-bmx related so I wont dive into that but I have had a cop chase me on my bike at night. I got out of eyesight by turning a bunch of tight corners. I finally found a non-typical/predictable exit by throwing my bike over a 15 foot ledge and jumping down after it and hiding in the bushes where my bike landed. Typically I wouldnt run and just be cool but this guy seemed out for blood. Not in a physical way, but a ticket-writing, possible arrest kind of way. He had his sirens on, lights, spotlight and was using his megaphone thing.

There were 4 guys on the 3rd story of an apartment watching me the whole time and looked at me pretty weird when I decided it was safe to finally ride away.

Most police are nice and just tell you to take it elsewhere.

Tons of security have power-trips but there are also very understanding individuals that just are literally doing their jobs. Some take it a bit over the top and cause a scene unnecessarily but Im sure they have had things happen in the past as to why they respond so aggressively at times.


11/6/2017 2:10 PM

Yeah I'm the same... very rarely am I riding street or anywhere I shouldn't be... but when I am and security tells me to leave I say, "Yes sir/ma'am I'm sorry, I'll leave..." But one occasion I had a cop be a d*ck to me and call me an idiot and what not... I've already written the story so I'm going to copy and paste it becasue I don't feel like typing it again lol...
So I was sessioning a loading dock in the back of a local super market. I was there with a couple other buddies fir about an 1 and a half or so and then some rent-a-cop in some little Toyota Prius with SECURTAS on the hood and sides of the car and he gets out and he's like, "Hey, you guys can't be back here and there are signs back here that say no bike riding." I never noticed any signs back there that said no bike riding and so I started looking around and then the rent-a-cop said, "Stop looking around like an idiot! The signs are up front!" When he said that I was pis**d. I respect cops and every thing even If he was some rent-a-cop and when he called me an idiot I was like, "YOU JUST SAID THERE WERE SIGNS BACK HERE! SO DON'T CALL ME AN IDIOT YOU FRIC*IN' RENT-A-COP!" I actually thought it was funny becasue he just got back in his Prius and left lol... Like I said I 100% stand behind law enforcement becasue they are here for me when/if I need them and they put their lives down for us... So I respect them alot but when he said that to me I was just like, ALRIGHT DUDE BACK OFF!


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11/6/2017 2:16 PM

HondaCRFRacer wrote:

Yeah I'm the same... very rarely am I riding street or anywhere I shouldn't be... but when I am and security tells me to leave ...more

Lol I remember reading that story.

Did someone else make this same topic recently?

I really dont like when someone calls me stupid or idiot. One of the most offensive things you can do besides straight-up getting physical. Imo


11/6/2017 2:33 PM

Bulletpup wrote:

Lol I remember reading that story.

Did someone else make this same topic recently?

I really dont like when someone calls me ...more

Yeah calling someone stupid or an idiot in a rude way is pretty offensive especially in my case when the rent-a-cop was in the wrong by saying the signs were back there when they weren't... and Its not like I was being rude to the guy, I just looked around becasue I didn't remember seeing any signs back there before...


I don't crash, I do random gravity checks...

11/6/2017 3:47 PM

In my country we don't get to much attention from security or police, but we do get from drivers and douchebags. And like to make assholes chase me ... on bike or on foot.

I remember that time when a douchebag chased me from his car a good 200 meters, I was running as fast as I can (and I run pretty fast) and the guy was keeping up, but my endurance won and I saw him stopping and having a hard time breathing, and went: don't you have a heart attack now, you piece of shit! laughing

Also, I keep 10mm ball bearings at handy for times like this

How do you guys handle asshole drivers?
I know that in America is dangerous since you may never know when a guy may pull a gun on you, but if a driver is an asshole in traffic, or parks like a moron on the whole sidewalk or in pedestrian crossings ... do you wallride their car, jump on the hood, break mirrors and stuff?

I'm genuinely curious.
In my country there are a lot of deaths due to assholes parking where they want and not giving a crap about cyclists and pedestrians, so whenever I get the chance I go all ape on them cars w00t


11/6/2017 5:43 PM

am-shaegar wrote:

In my country we don't get to much attention from security or police, but we do get from drivers and douchebags. And like to ...more

I yell at asshole drivers as long as I'm in the right, but also even if I'm in the wrong and they yell shit like "Fuck out of the way fuckin dumbass", a simple "Excuse me!" will suffice.

If I'm completely in the right and have the right of way, I press my luck and just go and let them almost hit me so I can yell at them, or they slam on their brakes and get pissed and I yell at them. I don't break their shit cause that's a lot of money to fix if I get caught haha worst I've done is chucked a bunch of change at some asshole in a truck who kept honking and yelling at us to move when there was no sidewalk to get onto... chucked it right at his face and it slammed all over his door. I've had friends slam their bars into the sides of cars before, and one of them even broke a guys windshield last year after he almost ran him over. But those most I do is yell very not nice things at asshole drivers.


11/6/2017 6:44 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/6/2017 6:49 PM

I have never been someone who willingly breaks the law, or puts my self in situations where I would have a confrontation with authority. I have never found it thrilling or entertaining to do that or be that way. Growing up, with my dad a Marine Corps drill sergeant, I quickly learned about to earn it and give it. This alone has allowed me to have mostly positive or neutral interactions with authority.

I found that I was able to "do what I wanted" more often by not being in trouble...or in jail! I never felt the need to "prove myself" by doing illegal things. It has made life a lot easier and simpler for sure. I am very easily entertained, and if the cops came and booted us out of place "A", we would just go to place "B" and figure it out.

The only run ins we ever had were with noise ordinance stuff with my bands....and it was always during the day, within regulation, and just annoying neighbors calling. We were not breakign the laws...we knew because we researched them, sent letters to the neighbors detailing when we would practice etc. The cops would come to the door, talk to us about it, and then leave. We even showed them the letters and they were impressed. In fact, the one band I played in used to practice at my parents house, and the cops would get multiple calls. They were required to show up, so we would just leave the front door open. they would come in, and my mom would make them snacks. they would even request songs sometimes.

when my first cheapy mountain bike got stolen, it was the same cops who found it, put it in there car, and drove to my parents house to drop it off. they remembered the bike description, and that we had been cool with them.

99% of my friends "run in's" with the law were to to a lack of respect and stupid fake bravado....and they were always grounded, in jail, or busted...and then spent so much time bitching about how unfair it was that they "were being targeted by the cops"...well, you do illegal stupid things, and you get what you deserve. It was always so simple for me to see...and avoid

I did recently have a run in with the cops at the local skatepark where bMX's are frowned upon. My step son and I were riding, and they just pulled by and said "bikes aren't allowed here". I rode up to the car and asked the guy why. He said "honestly, i don't know, but the city council doesn't want bikers in the park. If it was up to me, I wouldn't care. I would rather have kids here than screwing around in the streets". I asked him for the name of a person I could write to was, and he gave it to me, then we just went to the other park where bikes were allowed. I wrote the council, and of course, no one ever got back to me


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11/6/2017 6:49 PM
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am-shaegar wrote:

In my country we don't get to much attention from security or police, but we do get from drivers and douchebags. And like to ...more

I dont mess with anyones vehicle ever. Well actually...I was planning on breaking windows and flattening all the tires on a vehivle I searched for, for weeks.

The reason know what Ill just tell a short story.

So there I

No wink

I had just found an old hydration pack and wanted to run with it during the end of the summer. I got about 15 mins away from the house and felt my back was soaked.

I pulled over on the sidewalk by a main road to check why my pack was leaking and as I bent over to inspect it, I hear this engine ROARING towards me and I felt something HIT me Hard right before I felt the wind from the car go by. It was a souped-up silver ford focus eith matte black rims and a loud exaust.

It felt like a rock or something. I looked around for a few seconds and all I saw that was out of place...was an entire jumbo hotdog...not a bite was taken.

The bun was present as well.


I got back on my bike and pedaled as hard as I could in the direction they sped off. I asked people which way the car went as I passed them...They would point and I would ride till I found someone else and to ask.

I eventually lost the trail and ended up searching for hours up and down every residential street in the area till dark.

Didnt find it.

It wasnt until 2 weeks later, I was at work (I am a USPS letter carrier) I heard that same engine, turned around and there it was, same car.

I waved like It wasnt me they threw the hotdog at just weeks before. They had no idea it was me and they smiled and waved back.

I waited till they were out of sight and I ran to my Postal truck and followed the car.

I followed it all the way to its home.

I went back the next day to make sure it was there and I had planned on returning that night and doing some serious damage. Had a friend as a getaway driver lined up and everything.

I ended up cooling down and realizing how much trouble I could get in. Seeing as how I have a pretty extensive police record, I decided against it.

I then thought about how I could get a message across without getting in trouble or damaging any physical property.

I went to the grocery store. Bought 10 packs of 24 count CHICKEN hot dogs, cause he was a CHICKEN SHIT and ran away as fast as he could. I mailed him a package of the hotdogs and included a simple note that said "you dropped this".

The message is this...I know where he lives and he has no idea where I live.

I think psychologically that is more effective and he will think twice before he ever does something like that again to anyone.

I did consider letting the hotdogs rot but suspicious packages usually dont make it through the post office. You are required to report them.

Short story fin.


11/6/2017 7:03 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/6/2017 7:03 PM

Also, just to be clear, I have absolutely NO problems with police officers or figures of authority. I hope I did not give that impression.

Everything I have done to get in trouble with the police/others was my fault and I have no one to blame but myself for my many stupid choices.

I have also never instigated a physically harmful situation. All of the trouble I have been in has physically hurt nobody.


11/6/2017 11:43 PM

It depends entirely on their attitude, if they seem alright I try to push my luck and ask if I can get a few more tries. If they act like a dick I'll leave but stand my ground and argue with them.
As for motorists, it's usually the younger drivers that drive like a twat. If I'm in the right and they cut me up I'll shout at them or stick a finger up. It's pretty funny when they slow down and give me a dirty look to try and be intimidating. Then realise I'm bigger than them and not scared so they drive away pretty quickly. They're not always young, but the results are usually the same.


11/6/2017 11:58 PM

I always move on, no spot is worth the fight, there is always another spot, but funny story, I started riding this stair set and a security guy came and asked me to move on so I did and so I went two blocks down to some ledges and the very same guard came and asked me to move on again, so I did and the same thing happened for the third time and he was your either trying to be a ass or something. I apologized just told him I was just trying to have some honest fun and moved on


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11/7/2017 8:54 AM

For me it depends what the cop is like, if he is cool and just asks us to leave, we leave, but if he's a dickhead, well then we annoy the shit out of him.


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11/7/2017 6:15 PM

Ive been searching for a specific BMW E92 that almost ran me over and had the nerve to call me an asshole (and a specific racist comment where he called my mom a whore) and I just snapped. I rode over and picked up my bike and slammed a back peg straight into his driver side window. I tried to open the door but he sped off and I was following him, but he got to the main road fast.

As with authority and riding where I shouldnt, well over here, the guards on duty dont care as Im usually entertainment for them, but they ask me to leave once the manager radios them. Although if Im hanging out with strayans those cunts definitely know how to bring out my inner total cunt.