How does one go about building a skatepark?

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4/9/2013 11:50 AM

Since my town has no park and there's really no bmx scene in my hood I wanna take matters into my own hands. Obviously if I want a park built I would need a shitload of support from my community so we could make enough noise to get the city to consider it. Fuck that. I'll build it my damn self if I can get some space. I know if I build something small I can get a movement started. I wanna just find an empty lot and put a box in it to start but I'm worried about my work being removed and thrown out. There are a few parks in my county and none of them allow bikes so I'm willing to invest whatever I have to in order to get some space for me and the few riders in my hood and show ppl that we exist and we deserve a park just like the skateboarders. I know some of u are fortunate enough to have parks and a local scene but I wanna hear from anyone who has had to do it on their own. I'm done complaining about not having a park and I'm ready to put my hood on my back