How long did it take to bunny hop high for you?

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6/3/2020 12:04 AM

Title. Also how long did it take to learn fakies and roll out of them?


6/3/2020 12:49 AM

Took me around 4/5 months to bunny hop high (wasn't consciously practicing bunny hops, would just do them every now and then during sessions) hence the slowness. Fakie roll outs came very quick for me, got my first fakie on around my 20th attempt.


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6/3/2020 4:57 AM

Depends about your definition of high.
I can hop pretty high but I’m not Brad Simms.
There’s always room for improvement.


6/3/2020 11:26 AM

It’s been like 6 years of having a bike and I max out at 25”, it was one of those tricks where I never put time into learning it at one specific point, rather doing them at random but often, like how I learned manuals.

Fakies too, a couple months of just doing 180s or rolling back on quarters was what it took to halfcab out. Just keep doing them everywhere, you’ll get ‘em.


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6/4/2020 12:55 PM

It just takes time for me I can't remember how long but it just clicked one day and i was able to hop over bike racks and but I also always hope over recycling bins and anything else I can find when going from spot to spot and that helps alot.


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6/5/2020 2:37 AM

I can hop high but can't straighten my arms out mid-air, I'm on the strangest plateau ever.


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6/5/2020 6:44 AM

I could hop up many 4 stair sets before I messed up my shoulder. I was kinda stuck at 3 stairs for a good long while until one day I just buipt up the confidence and started trying 4 stairs and it boosted my ability even though I probably could have been doing them all along...


6/5/2020 9:22 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/5/2020 9:23 AM

I was up to about 15-17" approx. after about 4-5 months. But that's only if not actually going over anything. Highest I've hopped over an obstacle was 12".

I'm laid up with kidney stones right now and I'm thinking I'm gonna need to learn all over again. I haven't been able to do a trick in over 2 weeks. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…… I was making good progress with several tricks and I'm guessing I'll be a total newb again once I get back at it. Oh well.... just gives me something to do. I'm just praying I'll live through this mess and be able to do it. LOL. Kidney stones are no fun.... And it feels like you're a goner with so much pain at times. I have a stint in now and waiting for surgery to break it up. So should be more stable til then. I don't think I'll be doing any tricks while I got the stint in though. It has it's own amount of pain.


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6/5/2020 5:43 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/5/2020 5:44 PM

took a week to hop up a curb at 11 y.o
i could hop up a picnic table at 16
about 21y.o i could hop over bar height
at 26 i fucked my arm and had to learn hops over again
at 33, i can still hop up a picnic table and grind a jersey barrier
i go to bikeparty a lot and spend the whole time practicing manuals, bunnyhops and gaps .... too tiring to do so while commuting

if you can bunnyhop up it, you can probably manual it
i remember my 11 y.o friend couldnt bunnyhop his 40lb bike up a curb but he was hitting 20ft doubles


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6/6/2020 10:24 AM

I’m 39 now and am retiring to BMX when I used to ride in my teens/20s. I found that I am having to relearn a lot of the tricks that came naturally to me when I was younger. Bunny hopping higher kind of came naturally when I was practicing 180s and half cabs...kind of subconsciously out of necessity (my technique was pretty shit so my hops had to be higher).

When I was actively practicing bunny-hopping higher I was making no progress. You may be different, but I was able to go from 12in to about seat height by bunny hopping for a purpose...jumping onto or over things with a measurable height.

As for rolling out of fakie, probably a month. The toughest part for me was getting out of the fakie, not rolling backwards. I grew up with cassettes and now ride a freecoaster, so it has been challenging to learn how to fakie out without the same pedal pressure. Once I started focusing on just trying to get out of the fakie it took me a couple days.