How long does hubguards and pegs last?

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3/21/2016 2:23 AM

i just got my new parts which im stoked about!
i got two animal lino g pegs, salt plus universal hubguard (7075-T6 alloy full cnc body with heat treated crmo hardware), and a merrit plastic front hubguard.
i went to the skatepark today to test them and they seem pretty used allready.
how long will the saltplus hubguard last? and the pegs? is the 7075-t6 alloy full cnc body good?
im so happy i made the decision to get pegs!


3/21/2016 2:27 AM

heres the photoPhoto


3/21/2016 2:46 AM

A plastic guard will crack before it wears out in my opinion , especially on the rear . I wouldn't ride a plastic back guard ever again . Front ones seem decent , like Merritt or Gsport . They protect the spokes , but plastic doesn't help with impacts to the hub itself as much as a metal one will . The front should be good if you aren't crazy , a bad smith but fuck it up after a couple months of use possibly .

A 7075 rear guard will be fine , mine are good and they're only 6061 so not as strong . Chromoly ones will always be the strongest but unless you're able to crack or break an alloy guard constantly you won't need one .

Ultimately any guard will help , you'll like different things .

Pegs don't wear out really


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3/21/2016 6:36 AM

I had a salt guard and it is still going strong after 4 years of street abuse and concrete ledges. Too lazy to Google the pegs but if they are steel than they sold last again almost forever.


3/21/2016 8:56 AM

You should get at least two years out of those pegs even with heavy krusty street grinding. They are my favorite. Your salt hubguard should last a while but alloy guards do bend. Even my chromoly daily grind guard is deforming after a year of riding. It's ok though, pegs and hub guards are meant to be smashed and abused.


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3/21/2016 8:23 PM

Rotate them every couple of sessions and they'll last a lot longer, especially those aluminum gaurds


3/22/2016 5:53 AM

Metal pegs will last you forever
Metal hubguards are the same way but I have cromo as opposed to your aluminum ones so I can't tell you 100%


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3/22/2016 7:33 AM

Oddity wrote:

Rotate them every couple of sessions and they'll last a lot longer, especially those aluminum gaurds


Regardless if its metal or plastic parts if you rotate them they can last twice as long.


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