How many of your ridin a Chainstay less than 13? Or even what length is your Chainstay?

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2/16/2020 6:55 AM

12.6 on my Varanyak V2. It felt short coming from a 13" but 2 weeks later I'm adjusted to it. It felt like my 170 cranks were too long with it that short, like the leverage felt wonky when turning on manuals so I put on my 165s and it's like butter. Hops high, spins like a dream, manuals for a long time with less fatigue.


2/17/2020 7:23 AM

Stranger RPG:

BB HEIGHT: 11.5"

Love it.


2/17/2020 9:15 AM

You guys sub 13" are trend setting I guess!!!! LOL.

I just bought Misshin's Eastern Shovelhead and to my measurement the axle is about 13-1/8 maybe 3/16". Looks pretty good. I was looking at a used bike with a Jake Seely frame and it said 12.7-13 and I wasn't sure I wanted to go from 14.5" on my cheap bike to 12's right off the bat.

But it's really neat to see people say they like sub 13. Cuz what's funny is a few of the youtubers claim it makes manuals harder. Or that what it seemed like they said.


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2/17/2020 12:17 PM

if you can manual, you can manual on just about any bike. (I can't manual my road bike.. )

I like a longer chainstay because it's more stable.

shorter rear ends also help with spins. 180's , 360's, etc.

but time spend on the bike helps the most.


2/18/2020 12:36 AM

Unless you literally measure where your back axle is setup from the crank spindle, most wouldn't know what chainstay length they are actually running.

Forget the specs the manufacturer lists, you can tell most have a 13+ setup (gap between the sprocket and tire is a bit of a giveaway) but in general I'd guess most would run their wheel roughly 1/4" or so away from being slammed.


2/20/2020 7:54 AM

Mine is 12.75 riding it slammed I love the pop it gives but manuals can be a bit twitchy. Frame is kink williams.


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