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5/9/2018 12:12 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/9/2018 12:23 PM

How much would you pay for a lightly used 2016 Verde Luxe VX2? I bought it at the end of last november brand new still in the box and only road it 20 minutes to school. Hardest its been used is going off a curb. Only road it for a month or so. How much would you pay for it? Bought it for $750


5/9/2018 12:19 PM



It’s all bmx

5/9/2018 12:21 PM

Fiddy bucks


I don't crash, I do random gravity checks...

5/9/2018 12:26 PM

I'll outdo these two other fools and offer ...... 25 beans.


5/9/2018 12:39 PM

rode > road


5/9/2018 12:49 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/9/2018 12:50 PM

Hard to say. If you are looking to sell, even though it is barely a used bike, you'd have a hard time getting someone to agree to pay what you paid (or even close) as, at that price point, people are looking into new or used customs. BMX is really a losing proposition, unfortunately. I'd think you could unload it for $500.... MAYBE $600. But I think you;d be sitting on that for a while & would only be able to sell it to a serious buyer.... someone like some of the members in this forum who are willing to pay for a complete. Just my thoughts, anyway.


5/9/2018 5:50 PM

I don't know where I heard it but a rule of thumb for secondhand bikes is: 40% deprecation the moment it's ridden out of the shop (or taken out of the box), then 10% for each year after that. That is, if you want to actually move it in a week or two, instead of listing it for months and slowly dropping the price bit by bit in desperation.

So I'd say $450 if you bought it november 2017, and about $400 if you meant november 2016.


5/9/2018 5:58 PM

4 crayons and a carton of chocolate milk... we got a deal?



5/9/2018 6:07 PM

I don’t know, 3, or 4…