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2/14/2015 11:49 AM

So haven't been riding bmx properly for quite a few years although i ride my mtb everyday. I had a big crash and busted my ribs etc and never got back on after that. Now I feel I have unfinished business with riding bmx but at 30 do u think that's too old?? I rode abit last year with a mate getting back into grinding etc then he moved hundreds of miles away lol. So how old is too old?


2/14/2015 12:11 PM

I am 36 and started to ride again because of my son. Never put a age on anything. Do it because you enjoy it.


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2/14/2015 12:12 PM



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2/14/2015 12:25 PM

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2/14/2015 12:57 PM
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Watch this...came out the other day. Full on inspiration from a 44yr old bmx lifer!

It’s always good seeing the “older” guys that are out there still doing their thing after all these years! Here’s a documentary on 44 year old Gervais Rousseau from France that talks about his history in BMX and what keeps him motivated after all these years! There’s a bunch of riding footage mixed in for good measure that’s laid back and with plenty of style. I think this is where we all wish we were at, at this age!

“Gervais Rousseau is a 44 years old passionate BMX rider who tells his story, intertwining the aspects of our daily lives and the practice of this fascinating discipline.

Your all good bro! Click da link!


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2/14/2015 1:08 PM

Awesome vid! And cheers guys for the replys!


2/14/2015 1:14 PM
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Ryan Nyquist, DMC, and Rick Moliterno are still riding. you've got like 2 decades before youre too old to ride


2/14/2015 2:33 PM

Most of the people I ride with are in their 30's and 40's


2/14/2015 2:50 PM

30 ain't too old man, just ride! Hoffman is 43 and he'said still shredding.


2/14/2015 4:19 PM

I'm 38, and started riding again about two years ago. Riding at this age isn't for everyone. Between kids, work, housework, and other shit, I dont get to ride as much as i want, and progression is slower than when I was 20.

My reactions are slower, so crashes are a lot harder, and healing takes a lot longer.

I went through a time last year where I got like 3 concussions in a 6 month period, and started to wonder if it was worth it. I love riding my bike, and I love that feeling when I get a really good pump and it feels like slow motion when the bike is in the air, but I hate it more when I wake up in the bottom of a bowl and my kids are standing over me trying to figure out if I'm dead or not.

Or that feeling when I get off work all excited to ride, so i haul ass for a few hours getting kids picked up/dropped off, getting the lawn mowed, dinner cooked, kids dropped off/picked up, get all my shit taken care of and as soon as I get to the skatepark and get my bike out, it starts raining.

So it's all good to look at DMC and Moliterno and realize you can if you want to, but the only person who knows if its worth it is you. I love it, and will ride as long as I can, but I don't know that I would recommend it.

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2/14/2015 6:24 PM
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Ask this guy , I think he was 47 at the time , crazy bastard will probably 900 at 50 , he's pretty kickass


2/14/2015 11:40 PM

dude. people get back into it way older without even being on an mtb... youre in good enough shape for no worries.


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2/16/2015 5:47 AM

Just take your time to get back into "bike" shape and let the Ninja skills come back too as this will help when bailing out.
I ride a few hours every week and let the progression come to me. Its not fun being injured and unable to ride!!
I also find transitions help alot at an older age


2/16/2015 10:34 AM

wow good to see all the positive comments in this old man thread... 37 and sorta riding... i hit the park with my son 6 and daughter 4. i ride the same transitions as them... hahaha


2/17/2015 7:47 AM

My dad is 44. The other day he got on my bike and did a 180 and some foot plant thing. Unless you have some serious condition, I don't see why you couldn't start riding again. I hope I'm still riding when I'm in my 30s.


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2/17/2015 11:33 AM
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No. I turn 30 this year and have 15+ years on a bmx.

You are never too old. If your body can do it, go for it.

I have found however that my style has changed. I don't huck it like I used to, and I tend to keep lower towards the ground more.


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