How should i make sticker for my bike at home ?

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1/19/2015 12:22 AM

Can anybody tell me how to make stickers using computer .


1/19/2015 1:27 AM

What I did in highschool 'cause I was poor in a small town with no scene:
1. Print out what you want on your bike on regular paper. Make sure it's in fine resolution. No one likes their shit pixelated
2. Get some clear packing tape (Scotch tape also works, but tends to peel)
3. Cut out your printed matter
4. Cut a piece of tape in the shape of your printed matter, only slightly larger.
5. Flip the tape sticky side up, stick the printed matter centered to the tape print side down.
6. Place new sticker accordingly. Preferably where cool people can see it and express their adoration for your choice in bicycle décor
7. Ride your heart out!

Or you can buy those crappy paper sticker sheets from Staples (or similar box store) and print them out on that. They'll wear out and get sun faded in a month and then you have to use WD-40 and a sponge to scrub the glue off your bike.
I used to also cut up stickers I had laying around to make up something else, but that is really time consuming and only if you feel creative. If you're into getting brand stickers, most companies will send you stickers for free or a small fee if you send them a Self Addressed Envelope. You'll just need to find out their info and whether they charge or not. Have fun!


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1/19/2015 6:28 AM

yeah man i also live in a small town in india so there are no bmx outlets