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10/13/2015 11:45 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/13/2015 11:49 PM

I just stated out a month ago and I can't seem to get 180 down either I 180 going super slow and my bike just stops as soon as I hit the ground or I hit the ground and I'm leaning to far yo one side and step off.

ANOTHER thing I can't seem to fix is why when I attempt to 180 my back tire seems slam to the ground first. In other words I nose dive how do I fix that and don't say I have to pull on my bars cuz I do when I go to bunny hop (I bunny hop really high) I

I don't really understand how I pull up on my front wheel first when carving into it, seems scary honestly. What i usually do is try to just hop with both wheels while carving into it but it still doesn't solve the nose dive problem

I can already fakie (I'm left foot forwar) and fakie to left I can also fakie with my right foot (to the left )

When 180 counter clock wise left foot forward it seems easier to 180 but fakieing out is harder.

I also noticed if I try to 180 (normal) with my right foot forward I can get the 180 and fakie out but its aggregating cuz the nose dive still happens and it feels award as hell bunny hoping when attempting to 180 I also go super slow when doing it with an opposite foot (right foot forward) I don't land them but I only landed it like 2 times out of like 13 attempts with a fakie

I don't know if I should practice bunny hoping and getting used right foot forward and continue trying 180 that way even though it's feels super awkward or keep going with what feels natural (left foot forward) and turning clock wise even I'm not even close to landing like I am with oppos

P.s I can bunny hop over curbs with righties (again still feeling awkward)


10/14/2015 6:31 AM

You could be "fuck-footed" like me, I'm right foot forward but I 180 to my right everywhere except quarters.

I'd suggest learning them on a bank first, flat banks are the easiest place to learn 180s. When you learn 180s on a flat bank, it is far easier to correct any problems and it is far less awkward to hop properly. I'd recommend a pretty steep bank as it will give you a bit more pop and will catch you better.

Once you are comfortable 180ing on a bank, find a thin line on the ground somewhere(road markings or something that you can see while you are in the 180) on some nice smooth ground and and try to ride along the line, 180, and land back on the line to fakie.

It's pretty much the same for oppo 180s but they'll usually take a bit longer to learn.

Hope that helps man smile


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10/14/2015 8:34 AM

Have you looked on YouTube ?