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5/23/2016 11:31 PM

So I will be relacing my wheels hopefully soon, going to order off albes, Primo 14g Spokes for my outbound and regular USA Stainless Steel 14g spokes for my inbound

was kinda of curious, excluding DB, TB, or TI spokes, would some company's, like Primo for example, have more flexible spokes over say, Shadow, Halo Wheels, etc?

Or is it kinda like Cult tires where it says Cult and has a tread pattern from Cult Crew, but the tire is actually made by Kenda, or other tires having different brands but made by ChengShin Tire Co

Basically Primo having say, Sapim, or some other company, make spokes for Primo in different powdercoated colors?

Or is a 14g powdercoated primo spoke going to be same flex and strength as any other spoke?

I would ask about Daily Grind Front's and Infinity NDS Guard but we already know those are dialed

The Kink Chromoly DSG though, it's made thinner so that you don't have to do much of any spreading on your dropouts. These have been around a reasonable while, anyone on here have experience with them? Being a thinner guard and all I assume I can't get crazy long use out of them.

Really though, I wouldn't mind throwing on a G Sport Uniguard for my Drive side either, so which one, Uniguard or Kink Universal Drive Side Guard?

Welp, broke past 1000... yeeeee

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5/23/2016 11:56 PM

Spokes are all pretty much the same. Double butted will be lighter and a bit weaker than straight gauge, steer clear of triple butted and ti. Bmx brands don't make their own spokes, they just re brand them (like most small components). I always use halo spokes because they're cheaper than anyone else.

I don't know anything about hub guards.


5/24/2016 1:32 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/24/2016 1:33 AM

I have the Kink Guard and it's decent , it's thin but it's heat treated chromo so it should last . Basically all you gotta do is have your bike upside down and when you're replacing a tube you just put your wheel in like normally then just pull your dropouts out a tad while pushing the guard in and it pops in easily . Also provides more surface for the dropouts to sit on instead of just the axle , which is reassuring .

Pretty sure spokes are spokes man , wouldn't waste time worrying about that . You'll snap them regardless eventually.


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5/24/2016 8:23 AM

All the spokes every company uses are from the same company, they're just rebranded. If you want good spokes get DT swiss champion spokes with the prolock nipples. Expensive yes but theyre the strongest you can get out of a spoke.

Any chromoly rear hub guard will do you good. I recommend an S&M cymbal rear because its literally nukeproof. I've had it for two years now and its seen 4 different hub. But the ones you listed are good too. Any option is solid


5/24/2016 9:07 AM

I have primo spokes, they are pretty strong in my mind, I would get they. I also usto have the daily grind infinity NDS guard to, super protective but pretty heavy if your worried about weight.


5/24/2016 11:31 AM

I had Odyssey in my last wheelset, never had an issue. In the past I have run DT Swiss, those were great too.

Honestly, I would go either cheapest or aim for mid range of the budget.


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5/24/2016 10:06 PM

Spokes are all the same, unless they're butted, as stated above. Those spokes are strictly made for weight reduction for racing, and Danscomp even states that they won't build wheels with those. Weight weenies have gotten so bad that Dans doesn't wanna be liable. lol As for nipples, they can get pretty unique, like Gsport's hexagonal spoke nipples. And for hub guards, anything chromoly will do. I've been running Daily Grind hub guards for 2 years now and have never had to ever file down the guards or hammer them back out.


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5/24/2016 10:16 PM

idk about all this "all spokes are the same" thing.

When I had Shadow spokes, I was breaking a few spokes a month. With my DT Swiss spokes, I break 1 every month or so, maybe 2.

I'd go with DT Swiss or Sapim, I like them both.

For guards, definitely get the Daily Grind ones for the front, rear one I've heard is just as good but I like my S&M. 4 years going strong!

Drive side, not sure. I don't run one, but I'm sure the Kink would be fine as it's chromoly. It is thinner though, but you gotta remember it's also chromoly and can take more of a beating than aluminum does.