Hub guard compatability? HELP!!!!!!!

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6/13/2013 8:09 AM

I have an alienation rush v2 freecoaster and want to get an Animal PYN hubguard w the plastic sleeve. Will it work on my hub?!?!


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6/13/2013 8:30 AM

best bet is to email both company's and ask them about it, mainly Alienation because they'll know if the guard will cause any unwanted friction/ damage to the bearings


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6/13/2013 9:20 AM

No, it won't, because it has different tpi.


6/13/2013 5:58 PM

you don't NEED the animal hub to run that guard, it comes with spacers to fit other hubs. it is NOT a universal guard though


6/13/2013 6:03 PM

Get a gland for it and you'll be fine


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