Hub guard for Demolition Freecoaster

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7/3/2014 11:40 PM

I bought a Demolition Freecoaster a few months ago. Its LHD and i grind on the right side. Im running a G sport hub guard for now but its not working as good as i'd hoped. What kind of hub guard will fit the right side (non drive side). Please don't guess, i need to be sure. Thank you.



7/4/2014 12:41 AM

I have the V1 Rotator and the hub guard designed for it is fucking shit , thread on POS combined with factory-seized cone nuts was trash THANKS DEMOLITION.

Haha rant , the hub is mint but mine was like a rare defect so now my axle is fucked but the guard is great. Mind you I don't grind much.

It's aluminum and I've seen homies crack aluminum guards so if you're crazy buy an S&M Symbal or something CHROMO


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7/6/2014 8:25 AM

I have the demo Rogue cassette and rock their guard for it without an issue. I don't grind much.


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7/6/2014 11:45 AM

They make a specific guard for it, or like Brayden said get the cymbal


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