Hub guards for my hub

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11/21/2017 8:26 AM

So, I'm a bit newer to BMX so I got a cheap complete bike from Kink (2018 Launch). I'm now starting to grind and I'm in need of a hub guard. The hub is Mission Combat Semi-Sealed Cassette 14mm. What is a good hub guard I can use. (that is the rear hub)

I also need Front hub guards this is my front hub Mission Echo Unsealed 3/8″ Axle.

Anyone got any ideas or hubs that will fit?


11/21/2017 9:11 AM

Gsport gland front and rear



11/21/2017 11:14 AM

Edman123 wrote:

Gsport gland front and rear

This. Gsport G.L.A.N.D Is one of the best universal hub guards...


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