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5/6/2014 9:18 AM

Best Hubs and Rims for street riding?


5/6/2014 9:27 AM

for rims i would have to say odyssey hazard lite, I've been using them for about two years and they hold up great


5/6/2014 9:29 AM

Gsport Ratchet/Simian x Gsport Ribcage/Alienation 7up

Gsport Simian x Gsport Rib/Birdcage/Alienation 7up


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5/6/2014 2:08 PM

Ribcage for rims. Gsports/tree, eclat blind for Fc.




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5/6/2014 2:28 PM

Sry but what do you mean "For Fc?"


5/6/2014 3:39 PM

FC is freecoaster


5/6/2014 8:20 PM

Best rim of all time would be the Primo Hula Hoop for street or the G-Sport Ribcage. and then 48H the two and you have an unstoppable wheel.

For hubs best for street would be the g-sport vandal hubs then monkey/homer for front and G-Sport Ratchet 48H rear.
soon though the porn hubs will come out so it will be interesting to see how they run


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