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6/7/2013 3:16 AM

Hey guys I haven't posted In a while this is why

I got admitted to hospital on the 30 may due to having a potential cancerous lump just above my belly botton the hospital removed it in a operation and this is whats annoying me I've been told dont do anything for 4 weeks while the cut heals and the uk has got the best weather all year 25 degrees C and has been like this since fir of last week and its been sunny all week an I have not been able to ride due to my operation best weather of the year sad life sucks haha anyways now am getting a bit better to sit up il be on here all the time to am better again smile


6/7/2013 3:24 AM

god, i feel for ya pal, this weather has been amazing, ive fucked my knees from it though :L good luck on getting better lad, you'll be out riding before you know it


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6/7/2013 5:58 AM

haha, i slammed last night and can't move my right hand much and can't put any pressure on it



6/7/2013 6:52 AM

I feel for you man. I have complex regional pain syndrome, All the nerves in the right hands side of my upper body are shot. I am taking a shit load of medication (Tramadol, Gabapentin, Morphine) I'm taking 32 tablets a day! I am taking anti depressants too because its a fucking shit situation. I can't do anything it hurts to lift 6 pints of milk let alone ride a bike! Then last month i was diagnosed with Type one diabetes which means i have to stay off my bike until my bloody sugars are stabilized then i wont be able to ride much anyway because of my fucking shoulder!! Its fucking shit! I know how you're feeling mate. It's not the end of the world, chin up & look to the future. One day at a time, set some goals to achieve do your up most best to reach those goals & just get on with life smile


6/7/2013 11:23 AM

I feel your pain. I rolledmy ankle sunday and thought nothing of it. Went to the hospital monday to find out it wasnt just a rolled ankle, I sprain ed it and caused an old fracture to start cracking again. Hoping I dont end up with another fracture, since it never healed right the first time. I slammed on it in 2009 and the hospital said I had a contusion( really bad bruising) on my foot and I believed them. Well the doctor monday asked if I ever fractured my ankle and I told him about the 2009 slam. He told me I actually fractured it back then and it healed wrong and it's only a matter of time until it severs again and requires surgery/ screws. So my ankle is now a ticking time bomb. Sorry to hear about the cancer deal bro. I know how that goes, one of my cousins had cancer, an uncle had cancer, and my fiance had cancer when I met her. All 3 had to deal with chemo and all that shit, but glad to hear you don't have to deal with any of that bullshit.


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6/7/2013 2:16 PM

that blows brah, but buck up brah... just think about it as positive as possible, even though your in a situation thats shitty as fuck, you atleast get to know youre good because of the surgery


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6/7/2013 2:19 PM

Good luck with ya recovery matey, get well soon. You'll be rippin it up in no time.


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6/7/2013 2:24 PM

Topsey wrote:

I feel for you man. I have complex regional pain syndrome, All the nerves in the right hands side of my upper body are shot. I ...more

Dude, im thinking about you alot. No homo.
I feel sooo bad for you & cant imagine what its like to live like that. I hope by some miracle you get better & it magically goes back to normal.



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