I CAN'T 180!!!!

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4/26/2013 12:07 AM

I have been riding BMX bikes for about 3 months i have started to do 180's i can spin all the way around, but about half-way through the 180 i take my foot of the pedal and put it down when i land, no matter how hard i try i cant keep my foot on IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY, all my friends can do it and they have been riding for 3 months same as me. any advise!!!!


4/26/2013 12:42 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/26/2013 12:46 AM

It's a commitment thing. Most of us will go through that 'take your foot off' phase when we first start. You're new so it's normal.

My advice is to keep at it. Tell yourself every time you ride that you won't take your feet off. no matter what. Your mind realizes you can 180 without the fear of falling, but your body is still catching up. And taking off your foot subconsciously(without thinking) is your body's natural reaction to 180ing; putting your feet down to avoid falling and taking damage.

If you keep practicing it goes away. Commit to the trick in your mind and eventually it won't happen anymore.

(or duct tape your foot to your pedal lol)


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4/26/2013 2:12 AM

just chill out man, i kinda had a similiar problem when i learned tailwhips, i always overthought putting my back foot on and never would, then one day i just chilled out with it and landed them 4 trys after ha, just chill with it man