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8/16/2013 10:42 PM

I try and I try and I try and I can hop high like others can do effortlessly. Giving it my all I can hop maybe 1 foot high, most of the time even less.
And when I try 180s I can't even get my back tire off the ground or even rotate. It's starting to annoy me.


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8/16/2013 10:44 PM

It just takes time dude, you'll get there


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8/16/2013 10:46 PM

Practice makes perfect. If you're having trouble or getting frustrated then take a break and learn something else. You can always come back to hops later


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8/16/2013 10:47 PM

like collin said it takes time rome wasnt built in a day you will get it in time just keep at it


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8/16/2013 10:57 PM

good technique:
get a bunch of bricks, boxes, stools, or something.
let's just say you have bricks
first get comfortable hopping over, say, 3 bricks
then add another brick and master hopping over that
keep adding more bricks and hopping over that.

it's a lot easier to hop higher if you set yourself a height you want to reach, instead of just trying to hop on flat


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8/16/2013 10:58 PM

Its easier to hop when you have a goal and something to hop over. Set up something that won't wreck you if you fail but will show your progress as you get better.

As for your 180's if you can hop 6 inches that should be more than enough to get the back tire up. Your problem is probably commitment. I would suggest practicing off of some sort of concrete/asphalt and into grass that way you won't get hurt and you can go faster and commit more.


8/16/2013 11:00 PM

It's about technique as well. If you're hopping kind of 2 wheels at once, you're not gonna get anywhere. And if you just straight pull up the front then back, it's not well. You gotta literally pull a manual in the air kinda and then push your bars forward just a little to level out then scoop up your rear as quick as possible. I still have problems once in a while.


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8/17/2013 12:37 AM

For me, it's easier to hop onto something than over. Just a mind thing. Maybe that'll help.


8/17/2013 2:18 AM

been riding for nearly a year and can only just hop a 4 set.

Just keep at it dude. I got to a phase of not being able to hop higher than 5 inches for at least 3 months.



8/17/2013 8:28 AM

I got my hops to 2.5ft / 3ft just recently, here's how I did it....

Take 2 of these..


And 2 of these..


Mark the cones @ 1/2ft - 1ft - 1.5ft - 2ft - 2.5ft

Put the two screws in where you have marked the different heights then take a tent pole or a tree branch or something, place it over the screws and you have your very own adjustable bunny hop bar. Start low and work your way up.

Its cost effective, and its a good way to measure your progress.

Its also illegal so don't get caught taking the cones. Lol

Av fun!


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8/17/2013 8:40 AM

pull the bars into your chest


8/17/2013 9:26 AM

Practice hopping up ledges, stairs, etc.


8/17/2013 9:29 AM

hopping up is easier than hopping over.


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8/17/2013 10:21 AM

I made a bunny hop bar once. two 2x4s a saw, screws, and a pvc pipe. $20 if that


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8/17/2013 12:01 PM



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