I Need Opinions For A New Cassette Hub

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4/4/2016 11:48 AM

I have been contemplating a custom build for a long while now, I got my frame and drivetrain assembled. I need some opinions for a hub out of the two choices I have. So far I am going to use the G Sport Ribcage rims, but my hub decisions are the:

Cinema VX2 Hubs / Gold
Odyssey Antigram Hubs / Black

I have all the other parts for the bike in place, it just seems that one day I want to use the cinema hubs and the other day the odyssey ones. I picked these two because I'm trying to keep the amounts of brands I use to around three; which are Fit/Odyssey/ and whatever wheels I go with.


4/4/2016 11:55 AM


The Cinema VX2 cassette hub features a CNC machined 6061 aluminum hub shell with 2 precision sealed bearings, a 14mm hollow heat-treated chromoly axle, alloy axle nuts and a 1-pc chromoly driver with 4 pawl engagement system and ceramic driver bushing for greater reliability. The driver features a new Switch Drive System (SDS) that allows the pawls, springs and ring gear to be flipped between RHD or LHD.

OE Replacement Parts
Axle: 14mm Hollow Chromoly
Driver: 1-pc Chromoly w/ "Switch Drive System"
Driver Bearings: Polymer Bushing
Driver Pawls: 4 Pawls (Reversible)
Driver Spring: 4 Individual (Reversible)
Hardware: Aluminum
Hub Shell Bearings: 6902 (x2), Verify bearing number on side of rubber seal
Weight: 16.2 oz


Odyssey Antigram FA Cassette Hub

The Odyssey Antigram FA cassette hub features a lightweight 2014 aluminum hub shell with canted flanges for increased spoke support, a 17mm hollow chromoly center axle, 14x1.25mm chromoly axle bolts for maximum strength, precision sealed bearings, 1-pc chromoly driver with sealed needle bearings for reliability and a reversible 3 pawl engagement system for RHD/LHD use.

14mm OE Replacement Parts
Center Axle: 17mm Chromoly
Axle Bolts: 14x1.25mm
Driver: 1-pc Chromoly
Driver Bearings: Sealed Needle Bearings
Driver Pawls: 3 Pawl Reversible
Driver Spring: 3 Individual (Reversible)
Hardware: Alloy non-drive cone
Hub Shell Bearings: 6903 (x2), Verify bearing number on side of rubber seal
Weight: 14.6 oz

4/4/2016 12:08 PM

Personally I'd go with odyssey. Because it's odyssey. And everything goes with black, but colours get boring after a while


4/4/2016 8:02 PM

I've always heard good things about the primo remix v2 fa cassette hub...!


4/4/2016 9:13 PM

I've found that any hubs that use bushings in the driver instead of driver bearings, are top notch. The only thing I've noticed with these hubs, like the Animal Javelin, BSD Backstreet, Demolition Rolls, etc. is that the axle is too short to run pegs with the axle nut spacer/washer. If you have the washer, it then only allows about 3/4 of the axle nut to go onto the axle. And if you're running the aluminum axle nuts that come with the hub, you'll eventually strip the axle nuts. So yeah, if you decide to buy these hubs, just don't run the axle nut washers, especially if you end up running 4 pegs.


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4/4/2016 10:28 PM

I agree with the odyssey, just for the reason that they are odyssey. Going to be strong, clean and smooth


4/4/2016 10:43 PM

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