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6/29/2014 11:06 PM
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(*SORRY FOR MOVING THE THREAD I REALIZED I POSTED IT IN THE WRONG SECTION) Before I start I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Anthony and I just got into bmx after a 8 year hiatus back when I was a kid (I'm still a kid). On behalf of myself and my bike I would like to extend a thanks to the whole forum. It's great to see people representing bmx and proving to people that it definitely isn't a dying art!
Anyways on to my problem...

I recently bought a second hand bmx with a sunday funday frame with a 20 inch top tube. I had a bit of difficulty lifting the bike's front wheel up. So I decided to slam the bike (shorten the chainstay length). To help bring the front up to a chainstay length of 13.75. Then a problem came up, the bike I bought is running a 22T sprocket and a 8T driver at the rear wheel. So I realized that bringing the rear wheel to the front (slamming) would affect these components (chain, sprocket and the driver). (I like running my chain tight)
So here are my questions:

1. Should I just shorten the chain (take out links) and bring the wheel to the front? Or will it affect the durability of the chain and get me killed? lol
2. Should I buy a new sprocket? So I could run a gear ratio of 25/8. Or is this gear ratio not suggested? Would it fit 72 links?
3. If I were to shorten the chain (72 links) how many links should I take out? and do you suggest me doing such a thing?

The parts I have:
Stolen Bike Co Class Ring 22T
Stolen Bike Co Roulette OE cassette with an 8T driver
Stolen Bike Co Shackle half link (72 links)

I would like to say thank you in advance and I apologize for such a long post. This is very important because here in San Francisco we have a ton of hills and getting the right gear ratio is the difference between night and day up all of these hills. But don't get me wrong I'm completely fine with a 22/8 gear ratio. I'm just making sure because I don't want to end up hitting a car going 20 mph and my family hearing about it .-. Again thanks in advance!


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