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12/3/2016 6:54 PM

yo, so i kinda have rage issues and act like a tourrette ridden crazy fuck (pretty much everytime i ride) and usually ride alone, tonight i rode with someone but did my own thing the whole time pretty much... its usually because i pick up on everyones vibes and they usually distract me or bring me down and keep me from doing my own shit i was gonna do, but if i ever rode with Better riders, (sorry theres a pretty clear elitism-hence why theres fucking Competitions/ kids have favorite riders for a reason, not all video parts are mind blowing,. ) i just really have a hard time ever vibing with anyone i ride with ,,,there are a few but they live far away, iono just wanted to put this out there. if anyone else struggles with feeling lonely riding (fuckit) film your shit and get on tha gram- get on forums, do your Own thing. i just like watching riders i aspire to be like and keep them in mind while i ride, like, specific tricks too, if im doing nose manuals i think about jacob cable, if im doing hop whips i think of a combination of chase dehart and stevie churchill, flairs and shit- nick bruce, street tech shit- reynolds- going backwards devon smillie- iono i just really take the best of my favorites and compile them like an imaginary friend and just put myself mentally in a pack with the best and see myself as a young amature like, i never compare myself to anyone under me to feel good about myself- i mean ill ride with kids or dudes who arent the greatest and just their love for riding unites us and its cool that other people can see what im doing and be impressed by it or get stoked on My riding so its good to ride with people not on your level but to be like (im the shit i win--that shit is just dilusional and gay. i stay humble and always look Up to those above me, but i always think competitively... i see some rad shit and dont think (thats crazy how the fuck? - i think, Damn thats Nuts they must have worked hard as fuck to be that good and have a very strong will and are brave or persistant or open minded...just, Beasts, iono anyone relate to this shit?


12/3/2016 6:55 PM

but yee like seeing people Better than me just gets me pumped and keeps me wanting to be better and id love to ride with a pack of wolves who make me feel like a pussy instead of a bunch of dweebs who say yew every time i do Anything


12/3/2016 8:02 PM

I ride alone sometimes. I don't have imaginary friends though.


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12/3/2016 9:25 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/3/2016 9:31 PM

It's slowly dying off where I live. Well, considering I literally live in the middle of nowhere (O'ahu, Hawai'i), haha! There used to be a lot, maybe a solid 3-4 buddies riding every session. I think it was around that time that I decided to get into BMX just as most in my area were getting out of it. It's not that they were older than me, either. We were the same age, give or take a year.

That being said, I ride alone quite often. I'd say maybe once every two weeks I'll session with a few, but that's it. I never had such an intense drive to be better than everyone, just to have fun. Having fun is always my goal.

As for the small group that I do ride with when I have the chance, we all feed off each other. If someone does, say, a feeble 180, we will all join in and see how long we can keep a line going or adding more tricks to the same line. Everything is super fun and laid back and everyone's learning as we ride together. That's what I love about BMX.


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12/3/2016 10:59 PM

I ride on my own because no one here rides street. They all nibble the shitty skateparks. And the reason I don't ride the skatepark is because everyone's competitive. There's only one of my old friends left that still rides. We usually just drink coffee and piss about when we meet up though. He gets me stoked because he's always been good, but we ride very differently. And we've both got full time work, a wife, and kids so meeting up doesn't happen as often as it should. Our old trails will be running next year though, and we're building a pump track for the kids, so we can have awesome family days at woods

I get stoked on silly weird shit. I don't care for tricks as such. I find them boring because it's all been done a million times in Web edits with terrible music


12/4/2016 6:34 AM

same I've riden alone a lot i mean i have friends to ride with but they distract me so i am like you i rather ride alone so i can concentrate on my thing. now that its snow here in sweden i need to ride inside so i ride with my friends.


12/4/2016 8:46 AM

I ride with my step son, or by myself. There is a small group of regulars at the park, and it is funny that they are mostly in their late 20's and early 30's, so there is very little attitude. We all joke about how we dont' recover as quickly physically and yell at the scooter kids to get off of our lawns....

As Reyn and Grumpy mentioned, I don't ride to compete with the others...just my self. I think that does off put some of the younger riders when they are at the park, and that is why they drift away. Our park in general is pretty low key...and it is small so alot of the competetive riders don't go there.


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12/4/2016 9:28 AM

I've taken to getting extremely bored at the skatepark near me that never has any bikers and going to ride street alone instead. I enjoy lone street more the more I do it.


12/4/2016 10:13 AM

Flatland = forever alone


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12/4/2016 12:44 PM

adamnmexican wrote:

Flatland = forever alone

I'm trying to pick up a few flat moves haha, if only we lived somewhat close together


12/4/2016 4:44 PM

I am usually stuck riding alone lately, but I've grown really tired of riding alone and stuff so I feel where you're coming from. It's super boring riding street alone, I can speak for that for sure. I hate riding street alone because I think of like 3-4 lines for every spot and after about 20 minutes I've landed them all and it gets stagnant and I get bored.

I have been hitting up skateparks for those lonely sessions usually. I don't like riding with my brother much because he complains a good bit and gets on my nerves after a while. I really like to have those sessions with nobody around when it's nice out and I can just go fast around the parks and blast stuff and work on my tricks.

I had a really good weekend the black Friday weekend. Friday Saturday and Sunday I rode a LOT. Mainly at the Wheelmill which Is easily my favorite park ever. They added this new line in the jump room which is the medium level and I prefer them a lot compared to the big ones. The big ones kinda hurt to mess up since my shoulder seperates if I land too hard on them, a few months ago I was there and cleared the second big jump and I landed and my shoulder popped out, which hurts a lot.

I also prefer to ride with people who ride better or people who ride differently from me. Like I dig riding with every kind of rider, trails, park, street, I even rode with some flatland guys and threw 4 pegs on and learned all kinds of cool stuff just in a few hours. Riding with some lower level riders can be cool though, I like watching people learn new tricks and helping them out. I can teach anyone to do any kind of trick. I taught my buddy how to 540 when he only just dialed in 3s out of the flyout which is always cool because you always know your friends will remember that stuff when they do that trick.

I get bummed when I don't have friends to ride with though sometimes. I know most people's different crews all around Pittsburgh, there are the Greensburg guys and the grindworks guys and I like riding with everyone and they all know me. I have like a huge amount of tricks I can do (still can't land the fucking tailwhip but I am close) so it keeps me pretty flexible to play bike and learn new stuff.

My advice is to use the alone time to master new tricks and try to get stoked on just the aspect of riding and doing the stuff you like and not for anyone else.


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12/5/2016 11:18 AM

Build a second bike and pay some escorts to ride with you


12/5/2016 3:47 PM

I generally ride alone. Not necessarily by choice, but I’ve kind of gotten used to it now… It definitely majorly contributes to how slow I progress, the few times I’ve had someone to ride with has really helped.

I have small kids and a ridiculously hectic life, so the only time I can ride is generally 6am. I just try to go into it with the right attitude… I just burn the park around and have fun… do some half assed attempts at basic tricks and then go home with a smile on my face ready to face the day.


12/11/2016 2:47 PM

sometimes i push myself even harder when i ride alone but i don't care. i'll ride with anyone who wants to ride their bike. i've cruised with pros and i've cruised with people who can barely feeble. it doesn't matter, i just like to ride. you never know who will push you to try new stuff.


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