I want to ride again! please help!

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8/15/2016 6:56 PM

So heres the deal...

I broke my leg (bad) on a 6' spine in 2010 and had to quite riding for at least a year and do a bunch of physical therapy. 6 years later I finally want to start riding again but I have gained A LOT of weight from sitting around playing games and working an office job.

I was 205lbs in 2010 and I am 275-ish lbs today. So my question is..

Can anyone point me in a good direction on what kind of bike I should purchase? I want to start up with a bike that is around or even under $500.


P.S. I am 6'3" tall


8/15/2016 11:58 PM

For the top end of your budget there's quite a few. Just make sure it's full chromoly frame, fork, bars and cranks, sealed bearings throughout, and double wall rims. You'd probably want a 21"toptube at least, but you don't often find a complete with a toptube longer than 21"
If you already know a bit about bikes you could probably pick up a second hand custom build and have money left over. See if there's any groups on Facebook local to you


8/16/2016 3:48 AM

Thanks man @grumpySteve. Yeah, I've been looking on craigslist and whatnot and hopefully I'll find something second hand to get more bike for my buck. Thanks again for the reply.


8/16/2016 12:29 PM

Pretty much what GrumpySteve said. Maybe go to your local bike shop and try out some completes? If they sell them, that is.


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8/17/2016 10:11 PM