I want to start freecoastering again but...

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5/29/2014 5:56 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/29/2014 5:58 PM

The thing is,I am skeptical about it because I always had clutch issues with mine but I recently kind of noticed it was my fault for not having it greased at all and it used to wear down quick and make that infamous popping sound when I stopped pedaling.SO,I want to get me a Rotator but I'm thinking about trying out either a BSD hubguard for Primo hubs or a Daily Grind and grind down the cone nut just the same amount as the DG guard is thick so I don't have to pull apart the rear end to make it fit.As far as the guard touching the spokes,it ain't happening because I'm custom lacing the non drive side radial with the spoke bends facing the inside so they are as tucked away behind the guard as possible.Does anyone out there knows if a BSD guard would fit a Rotator?HELP!!!I'm ordering it next week and need advice on this!