ISO New FBM frame

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4/3/2020 9:33 PM

Looking for a New FBM frame, any model. 21”-21.25”TT preferably. Just got back into BMX after taking years off of riding and sad to see I just missed out on buying a new one. Been looking everywhere with no luck.


4/4/2020 1:19 AM

Absolutely sucks they went out of business. You check any Craigslist or used sites?


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4/4/2020 1:26 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/4/2020 1:26 AM

Ya I checked everywhere. FB marketplace nationwide. Craigslist. eBay. Every bike shop you can think of. Was hoping I’d find someone on here who hoarded a few of them right before they went out business haha. I’d buy a new one in a heartbeat. Any model as long as it’s a 21-21.25” TT.


4/4/2020 4:03 AM

I found this mail order company but I have never heard of them before.

Seems to good to be true!


4/4/2020 6:04 AM

Thanks for both reply’s! But yeah, def too good to be true! And it’s located in Singapore lol


4/4/2020 6:05 AM

Was hoping to find someone on here that hoarded a couple of them after news of them closing lol


4/4/2020 6:50 AM

Good luck , anyone with an fbm frame won’t be letting go of them , my buddy’s hanging his up on the wall