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2/23/2014 10:38 PM

If you could ask any pro, or just a rider in general what would it be?

For me, it would be towards Stevie Churchill, I came up with this question from this video linked below

(the clip is at 2:20 to 2:23)

Quite often I wanted to ask him this kind of question.
"Stevie. Have you ever had a time when riding, whether it be filming for an edit, dvd part, or whatever, you had to muscle a certain trick or line, such as a 360 to feeble you did on a ledge in the "...for OSS" video? or do tricks actually come to you fairly easy, because I have seen some certain things you do that look like you kind of struggle in them or you just put more effort into that trick than expected?"

SO, anything you guys have wanted to ask certain riders or a certain rider in particular?


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2/23/2014 10:46 PM

Peraza, noice mongoose, how are you getting the word out about the high end return?
Jk, drew bezanson, what does a simple session hangover feel like?