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iBike666 iBike666
9/15/2008 6:24 PM

im 5 11 or so and 210 and i need a bike that will hold up really really good...
any suggestions write it down

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easternbmx55 easternbmx55
9/15/2008 6:25 PM

The fbm and kink completes are pretty sweet from what I've heard.

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Refs: Fede/bmx1, Nmyersomg, Meowmoo68

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iBike666 iBike666
9/15/2008 6:27 PM
easternbmx55 wrote:

The fbm and kink completes ...more

yea, they look tight!
do they hold up well?

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th3skyizthalimit th3skyizthalimit
9/15/2008 6:28 PM

look at kinks or the fits but the fit signatures or 3s


no brakes 4 pegs... streets all day

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9/15/2008 6:29 PM

how much can you spend?


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iBike666 iBike666
9/15/2008 6:31 PM

450 no more

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micamack micamack
9/15/2008 7:36 PM

Im buying the FBM marauder. 499$ tomorrow actually.

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shanem520 shanem520
9/16/2008 8:26 PM

i think u should not get a complete if u ride street, u will probly have to replace crank,stem,bars,froks,and mayb rims. that is if weight matters

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colinb16a colinb16a
9/16/2008 9:32 PM

try going on ebay, craigslist, our local forums and try to get one used.
no offense im 213 and if i were to jump on a company complete that was no more than 500 i would be replacing parts left and right untill i spend so much that i could have built a complete and called it good those completes are getting better with parts but but they are far from being complete you might be able to get a good deal on a used fully set up bike i see them all the time good luck hope that helped

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DuCky DuCky
9/16/2008 10:26 PM

Bye a complete. Save any money you can and build as you brake. IT WILL TOO!!! No matter what you bye it will all go out.

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