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12/15/2015 11:26 AM

So there's two frames on sale on amazon.

The Eastern Codec for $133.87 in 20.75, Acid Wash Raw


The Eastern Journey Frame (Previous frame from the Codec) 20.75, ED Black for $139.67

Question is, although they are both featherweight frames, what may be stronger? the previous run (Journey Frame) or the next one (Codec Frame) ???


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12/15/2015 12:27 PM

Too many threads


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12/15/2015 2:36 PM

Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Too many threads

this. why couldn't you post this in the other thread? extremely ironic that you have a quote in your sig about choosing frames based on what people say on the internet...


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12/15/2015 2:38 PM

I'm a fan of a light frame, but you gotta know that when you buy light stuff it's gonna die WAY faster. Both of those frames are about 4 lbs and unless you're real smooth and light, they aren't going to last for ages or anything. which is sad because a light frame feels sweet.

Plus, you have Mothership. Stick with the damn thing, it's fine.


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12/15/2015 2:55 PM

Go with the Codec frame... Just because the way the brake set up... Don't like the seat tube on the Journey frame..... If you want a 4 lbs frame??? Look into a Standard or F- Bom frame???


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12/15/2015 5:35 PM

read this and stfu then decide what you want.


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12/16/2015 6:33 AM

I ran the Journey, and I loved it. Since then I had a Federal Lacey that was better for me. And now a Federal Twilight, which I haven't had a solid chance to ride yet due to snow.

But yea, both are good from my experience and friends who rocked the codec.


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