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6/28/2017 11:39 PM

Vital ,

A general thread for me . First off ...

I recently ordered an Odyssey Clutch V2 wheel , laced to a hazard lite rim . They're pretty hard to find in Canada so when I saw it pop up online I bought it right away . I'm just hoping that it's really good as it's hyped to be . I've chirped Odyssey parts before as I know many brands are just as reliable , but I'm excited to convert to a freecoaster and try it out . If anyone has any experience with the hub and the rim let me know ( I've looked up threads and reviews , but still ) . Is the V2 really worth it ? Keep it in mind that this whole wheel cost a TON of money ..

2ndly ; my rims have been getting FUCKED hence partially why I ordered a wheel . My front Éclat Polar rim has been doing good but I have a spoke / nipple that's pulling out of the rim . It's like prettt close to cracking I think , like it's pretty warped outwards . It's mainly because of my spoke tension not being 100% all the time , although usually pretty good of making them tight . There's no chance that's a warranty is it ? I'm thinking no . But I feel like asking doesn't hurt . I mean , I get wheels trued more often than not all professionally done . Any thoughts ?

As well , if I were to replace it I've ALMOST considered a Gsport birdcage . I weigh less than 135 lbs , and I wouldn't consider myself a crazy rider . I like tech stuff but I still hop 14 sets and try and boost flyouts to flat . I always have my tire pressure above 70 PSI at the very least . Do you think it'll be durable enough for me ? I don't want spokes pulling through . I work at a place where I can get my rim trued very often if I want . My bike is heavy and I find that besides the spoke pulling through on my Éclat rim , I never bent it I think . It's just warped .

Lastly ; with the new driver of the clutch coaster , I don't NEED a new chain do I ... I have an older sprocket which I used very lightly with the chain I'm currently using. If I put the same chain and the same sprocket on with the coaster , it should be fine ya ? My service shop guy said sometimes it fucks with the wear and optimal options would be a new chain and sprocket with the driver .

I think my sprocket and chain will be fine tbh . I just want opinions . I'm not gonna use my main one currently .


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6/29/2017 1:58 AM

You could be getting your wheels trued too much maybe? Lol not sure but that could be why your spokes are pulling through. Your spokes are probably too tight. If your having those issues I wouldn't think of a birdcage. Get a rib cage.


6/29/2017 2:51 AM

You'd be surprised how many people over tension their spokes. Even experienced wheel builders. And even on bmx. It could be that they've had to over tension them to make the wheel true. Not warranty. They really aren't supposed to be so tight they don't move.

As for the new chain and sprocket thing. It's usually something you notice more if you buy a new chain but the driver is worn. It's also something you won't really know until you try. There's literally no way of knowing a driver is worn except by eye, and even then it's only noticeable when it's really worn. If it continues to make a horrible noise after a few good rides, try a new chain.


6/30/2017 12:16 AM

I don't think I get my wheels trued too much . I don't that often . Just enough to not worry too much .

My coaster is available tomorrow to pick up . Might try and throw on a that spline drive sprocket as mentioned and see how it feels , hopefully my chain will fit . I might to try and add a link . I'm thinking for my front wheel I'll probably grab another hazard lite or something similar . I don't like running different rims / tires for some reason .


Instagram : braydenbuckingham
My Cult 2 Short