Is street better for progression?

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6/23/2016 2:08 PM

I'm relatively new to BMX. I can bunny hop high curbs and learning footjams, footwhips and all types of foot variants. Trying fakies but struggling.

My point is, what should I work on now? Street or park? Which is better for overall pogression? And does riding with better riders make you better?


6/23/2016 2:28 PM

I go to parks to learn tricks. I often find its easier to learn stuff on smooth ledges/out of smooth transition, and then it's easy to apply them to the streets. But everyone is different, I'd say just ride whatever sounds like the most fun on that given day!


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6/23/2016 3:08 PM

Trails............everyone should know how to pump and keep momentum plus you'll develop style and not become another park robot. The amount of kids I run into that can bar spin and tail whip without knowing how to make it look good, 180, or fakie is amazing. So stupid.


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6/23/2016 3:27 PM

park is best for progression since there's perfect ledges, rails and flyouts unlike in the streets


6/23/2016 8:09 PM

I am in the camp that is practicing and learning skills in the park so that I can eventually use them on street if I want. For me, failure on the streets can be more detrimental to my health...missing something could lead me to end up under a moving car, or running into people. At the park, if I have to bail, I only hurt myself and my bike. It is more controlled...

I grew up on trails - we didn't have skateparks in the 80's around here - so I still have some of that instinct, but it goes away quick if you don't keep riding. Luckily, the same pump track and trails that I rode in the 70's and 80's still exist, and are in good shape...and no one uses them since everyone is at the park. I get the trails to my self!


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6/28/2016 3:45 PM

Ricked_Em wrote:

Trails............everyone should know how to pump and keep momentum plus you'll develop style and not become another park ...more

damn im so jealous of people that have trails to ride, I'd love to blast some airs on some sweet dirt jumps one day.

As to my answer to the question, even though I started riding street (there was no skatepark near by at the time) I find it much easier to learn and work on tricks at a skatepark. Like someone else previously stated have smooth surfaces to grind on and transitions to air make a big difference when learning. Although just because you ride at a skatepark it won't make you fully prepared for riding streets sometimes you'll find an obstacle on street that the skatepark did not prepare you for.


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6/28/2016 4:09 PM

Riding more is the best bet for progression. Some riders have to pull the trick clean 10 times before they are confident they have it down, some do it once and call it good. Street and park are very different, street is obstacles not designed for riding, park IS designed to ride. It would likely be a tad faster on stuff designed for riding, but it doesn't really matter-it depends entirely on you, how hard you try, how clumsy you may be, and so many other factors. Also depends on what you are doing. You are more likely to land a whip on a park with a box jump or flyout than you would down some stairs or off a curb.

Generally speaking, if you can feeble a park ledge, you can feeble a street ledge (assuming they are similar in height etc).


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7/28/2016 1:47 PM

i say street,since i grew up and started riding in a shitty city without a SINGLE skatepark nearby,so i had to adapt to riding street...we didnt have much street spots too,but after i learned the basic tricks (hop,180,fakies...) we moved to a new city and i met some riders and they were AMAZED by how creative i was. whenever they said we cant ride some spot,i would always find some shit to do on it,cuz after learning shit on the street without spots,everything was a dope ass spot for me...


7/28/2016 5:22 PM

Ricked_Em wrote:

Trails............everyone should know how to pump and keep momentum plus you'll develop style and not become another park ...more