Is there a future for 22 Inch?

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11/27/2020 1:39 PM

Or is it the future?

I personally started to ride 22 half a year ago and after a while, my bike still is feeling small again. I am not that much of a tall guy, but with 6 1 not small, either. I personally don`t want to ride below 22 again. at least frame size, what do you think?


11/27/2020 1:46 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/27/2020 1:46 PM

I honestly think it's very niche, I can't see it overtaking or being as popular as a 20" bmx, mostly because 22" is trying to be a 20", just bigger and of course general riding and tricks on a 20" is easier compared to a 22".


11/27/2020 4:33 PM

it ain't going anywhere....


11/27/2020 4:46 PM

pnj wrote:

it ain't going anywhere....

Is it more fun than the 24 inch mtb switch ? It’s crossed my mind I’m getting old


11/27/2020 8:40 PM

I’m 5’7 and skinny as fuck so it doesn’t interest me. 20” is all I can handle


11/27/2020 8:49 PM

They sell pretty well. There are a lot of dads that want to ride the pump track with their kids. I think they will continue to gain popularity.


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11/28/2020 7:09 AM

I think the best way to describe the way I feel about it is to say that there’s a spot at the table for everyone who wants to eat. We aren’t all the same height/weight, and we don’t all define the word “riding” the same.

For some guys, a 20” bike is the only way to go. I’ve gone 24”, and am very happy with it as I don’t believe there’s any way I could be comfortable on a smaller bike, and wouldn’t be interested in anything larger. Some guys like 26”, or even 29” bikes.

Personally, I see the 22” bikes as filling a void for guys who are a bit big for a 20” bike, but who don’t view a 24” bike as being anything more than a cruiser.


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11/28/2020 11:10 AM
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22” is not the future, but it will be a part of it, no doubt.


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11/28/2020 12:46 PM

We have 24, 26 and 29 bmx bikes. So why not a 22?

Im 115kg and 5ft 11. I personally still prefer riding a 20 at the skatepark and it feels perfectly fine for me.

Anything else i use a mtb. I do fancy a large wheel bmx but i prefer having the gears, i live in the highlands of scotland afterall


11/28/2020 1:57 PM

I know a guy with a 22” atf and he loves it, literally rides like a slightly larger bmx. Whereas 24” or bigger usually feel too cumbersome.
I rode 24” street mtb and they feel more cramped and less manoeuvrable than a 20” bmx, so 22” definitely has a place


11/28/2020 2:25 PM

With more "Old Fat Dudes" getting back into BMX, they will likely keep the 22" scene alive for the foreseeable future. But you'll never see one in an Xgames.

If I got one it would be strictly a trails set up (though I'll never do that, rather just get a slopestyle bike).


11/28/2020 2:30 PM

For anyone on here right now riding a 20", will probably never get a 22". I'm 46, 6ft, and my 20" feels awesome.. For BMX freestyle, I'm 20 for life..

In the world of flatland, there plenty of older tall guys riding bikes smaller than most people reading this ride.

I think 22" come into play when a newbie adult that has never really got into it (freestyle) in the past, maybe they rode around, but never tried to pull anything off, is looking for a new bike to ride with their kiddos.. They kinda wanna fit in with the 20"s but for some reason feel their bike needs bigger wheels than their kiddos...

In my opinion, anything bigger than a 20" is a cruiser..


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11/28/2020 3:19 PM

I think a 22" is a great option for:
Anyone over 6'2"-ish looking to buy a complete, because all 20" wheel completes stop at 21"/ 21.25" TT.
A predominantly trails only rider.
Someone looking for a slightly bigger appearance over a 20" (maybe they feel self conscious on a 20").
Someone who finds 20" wheels to be too twitchy.

For me, 20" wheels still feel ideal and brands are still making production 20" frames with TT's from 21.5"-22"... So, I don't see myself making the change anytime soon.


11/29/2020 4:06 AM

I've never seen anyone look good on a 22", they might be fun to ride but they make your movements look clumsy imo


11/29/2020 1:21 PM

Bryan91 wrote:

I think a 22" is a great option for:
Anyone over 6'2"-ish looking to buy a complete, because all 20" wheel completes stop at ...more

I agree with all of this, and would add that, for me at least, it was a great way to reenter BMX after being out for a while. I really like the 22 for pump track and bowls too. But I wouldn't recommend one for someone who's already comfortable on a 20".

I used to say that the 22 kept me from getting hurt the way I would on a 20", but I still get hurt all the time, most recently getting hung up on a quarter and breaking my collarbone into three pieces. As I recovered though, I put massive bars on it, jacked up my seat post, and it was indeed a cruiser.

It's definitely a niche. I read a lot of complaints online that more brands need to be involved, Odyssey in particular. I guess I agree with that to a certain extent, but, personally, as long as S&M keeps making parts, I'm good. There are also other brands like WTP and Subrosa, and plenty of custom options, at least in the f/f department.


11/29/2020 2:53 PM

I have a 20, 22 and a 24. Definitely more comfortable on the 22. Still feels like a BMX just more room, stability and speed. 24s are fun but feel more like small mountain bikes.


11/29/2020 5:28 PM

I just picked up a 22" fit BF and I like it. I rode years ago and had a good time and could do a few tricks but felt more comfortable on a 26" mtb. Since we are getting more skate and pump tracks around here I wanted something with a little bigger wheels than the 20" I had (specialized p-bike). I bought a 24" bike a couple years ago and that bike was comfy for just cruising around but it was a heavy turd (stolen saint 24).

After riding both a 24 and a 20" at Rays in Cleveland I'm really looking forward to the stability of the longer 22" bike.


11/29/2020 6:00 PM

Just ordered a 22". Yes I'm getting back into riding after a long time off a bmx. I'm also 6'5" though and been riding 29" mountain bikes. In mtb wheel size is somewhat dependant on rider height. Shorter riders have to worry about buzzing their ass with 29" wheels and taller riders just seem to be able to move the bigger wheels around easier. In downhill racing we're starting to see shorter rider on mullet bikes (29 front/27.5" rear) and taller riders on 29" front and rear. My XXL 29ers look similar in proportion to a medium or large 27.5" bike. So I think having more BB drop makes sense for tall riders, it helps maintain balance so the rider is so far above the bike.

Also, I noticed looking at tires that it seems there are more serious options for 22" than 24"??


11/30/2020 3:29 AM

I could be totally wrong but, I feel like if you're asking this, maybe try a different hobby/sport. Either that, or make peace with the fact that it takes a lot of failure and patience to get good at it.


11/30/2020 3:33 AM

How tall are yours bars? if you have a pair of 9'' rise bars you could buy a set of 10'' or even 11'' bars which would make the bike feel bigger.