Is this seat confortable?

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7/13/2015 1:14 AM

I am going to buy a new seat because the current one is killing my is the seat that I wanna buyPhoto


7/13/2015 5:48 AM

Tree ergo is the comfiest pivotal seat I've run. Other than that a fat/slim piv is pretty much the same no the brand


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7/13/2015 10:05 PM

If you want to go for something comfy get a fit barstool. That doesnt look comfy at all.


7/14/2015 1:49 PM

I have the primo Mac I like it a lot. It's light to


7/14/2015 2:00 PM

Out of the seats I've owned, 1. Tree Ergo, 2. United Beacon (has the softest padding of any seat I've ever felt), 3. Fit Barstool


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7/14/2015 2:21 PM

What's your current seat? Ive got this one in black and its supersoft fat and soft. The shadow seat you found is medium padded, you shoud get a fat if you really want padding.


7/14/2015 10:16 PM

My neighbor has thr yellow one of those and its fairly comfortable


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