Issues with new frame and BB bearings

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11/26/2016 3:27 PM

Hi guys!

So, I think I screw up sad

Trying to install my bb into my new frame, but I've put the bearing at an odd angle and hammered it away sad
So now it's stuck and I'm not sure what to do next...


I'm afraid to damage the bearing or the frame
Can I just hammer it into place?
Or should I try to remove it and put it straight and then hammer it?
It's the first time I'm doing it so that's why the noob question smile)

Also It's almost 2 PM here, so I'll have to wait until morning to do any hammerings smile)


11/26/2016 4:23 PM

If you can see if you can remove the bearing , then get a 4x4 or some wooden plank and put it overtop and hammer it in so it applies a more even force


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11/26/2016 5:04 PM

Take it out anyway cause you need to get rid of that caked on paint that's on it first.

Then tap it in as you normally would, only do it slowly and if it starts to go in crooked, just tap it on the opposite side to even it out.


11/27/2016 5:06 AM

Thanks guys!

I managed to take it out, sanded the paint and it went in like a charm :D


Again, many thanks! :D