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9/19/2018 8:43 PM

I’m getting stationed in Iwakuni Japan for the next 3 years. Just curious what the BMX scene is like out there. Does anybody know?


9/20/2018 12:55 AM

The only thing I know is that one of my current favorite riders, Yumi Tsukuda is from Japan.

9/26/2018 2:16 AM

I live in Iwakuni. There is some interesting places to ride. A lot of the side walks are like a natural box. Also many of the concrete barriers and rails are low. I am 1 of maybe 3 bmx riders here. We have a skatepark on base but it requires full pads and peg caps(never heard of these before). Advice bring every part and tool you could ever need. Parts are hard to source/expensive also tools are rediculious prices. A socket alone costs about $7. We have bike shops here but at the mere mention of bmx there is an instant "no". Front and rear lights are required, I got some small light weight led ones from daiso for $1 each batteries included. If you are a brakeless rider... good luck, Japanese police will get you. There is a typhoon coming so be prepared for that. Only maybe a month or so left before it will be to cold to ride. Hit me up some time of you want a riding buddy. I have been looking for one for almost a year.