Jam in Boston

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11/14/2016 5:50 PM

I've never been to a jam, but I've always wanted to go to one. I have no clue how to host one, but I guess I would be willing to help out if anyone wants? I can literally only bunny hop, but I just want a bunch of people to ride with lol. Anyone know of any jams in Boston coming up?


I swear to drunk i'm not god

11/15/2016 5:52 AM

Just ride Lynch, always a bunch of riders there. Don't know of any jams coming up.


11/15/2016 11:28 AM

^for real
show up to lynch, be social, and I'm sure you can find people that would be down to go mob around boston


Honestly? Who gives a shit. Its the fucking internet. I hate all of you equally.