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11/30/2017 4:37 PM

Let's say you have a complete, and you buy a new frame, will all parts from that complete fit on any frame pretty much?


11/30/2017 4:57 PM

Generally, yes. Especially if it's a new complete & a new frame. Now, let's say you bought a new complete & them came upon a used custom frame from, let's say, 2010. You MIGHT have a few differences in the headset or bb. & your fork from your complete, outside of maybe not being designed for the geometry of the new frame, may be of a different headset design (integrated, etc...).


11/30/2017 5:43 PM

that really depends on some factors. If your complete frame has a campy spec integrated headtube, 14mm dropouts, a mid BB, and an integrated seat clamp, and the frame you get also has all of those things, everything should fit, but the chain length might need shortened or lengthened depending on the CS length/geometry

Now say for instance your complete frame is the same as above, but you swap to a frame with a cane creek spec headtube, a Spanish BB, a standard seat tube, and 3/8" dropouts... You'd need some new parts, definitely. Obviously that's a bit drastic and typically going from a complete frame nowadays to an aftermarket frame, it's as simple as just swapping everything over and adjusting the chain length, that was just an example haha

What frame are you getting and what complete do you have?


11/30/2017 6:18 PM

It depends on what the complete is, and what the aftermarket frame is. If its from a reputable company such as WTP, Subrosa, Fit, the the parts will transfer over to almost any aftermarket freestyle frame. The only issues that might pop up is the bottom bracket, but thats not really an issue at all if you know what youre doing.

We're happy to offer help and advice. And heres some more advice. dont try asking us about any hi-ten or trimoly bike, we have the inability to see past anything not fully chromium-molybdenum. The unspoken rule is pretty much "chromoly or gtfo".


12/1/2017 1:21 AM

Assuming you got the Kink Whip, everything will work with the majority of new frames. Also assuming it's the Kink Whip you speak of, the frame is the best part of the bike and I'd leave it until last.


12/1/2017 11:21 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/1/2017 11:22 AM

Yeah I was really just curious, I'm the type of person to spend money for no reason but I plan on keeping my new bike for a bit