Khe style freecoaster rhd to lhd

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8/6/2017 7:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/6/2017 7:52 PM

Since all khe style freecoasters are very similar, if I bought the clutch/driver from a lhd and installed it into my hub, it should work shouldn't it? In theory Photo


8/6/2017 10:10 PM

i don't see why not, but your hub will be backwards. Let's wait for more people to chime in


8/6/2017 10:55 PM

Would it fit? Probably.

Would it work as intended? No. It'd be like throwing a RHD cassette wheel on your bike but on backwards, only difference is it wouldn't back pedal as you moved forward.


8/6/2017 11:42 PM

sundaybmxRR wrote:

Would it fit? Probably.

Would it work as intended? No. It'd be like throwing a RHD cassette wheel on your bike but on ...more

This. A freecoaster clutch still has a thread on it to engage/disengage


8/7/2017 3:58 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/7/2017 4:04 AM

The goal is to switch to lhd. Switch out the rhd clutch/driver for lhd, spin the wheel 180° and put the sprocket onto the left side. My cranks are bossed on both sides. Hadn't been on a BMX in 20 years nearly. Bought a bike aonth ago, upgraded cranks first thing to 48 spline non pinch, after about a month of riding I've realized I'm right foot forward and any grinding will take place on the right side at first, so trying to cost effectively go lhd now. Sorry I wasn't clear on that.


8/7/2017 9:34 AM

Is there not a thread on the axle? Surely that would determine the direction in which it engages/disengages? There's a few different designs that are all based on the khe, so there could be some compatibility issues.

Although, just get hub guards and a guarded sprocket? That way, if you learn oppo grinds at all, you'll have your drive on your natural side (logic being you're less likely to slip on your natural side)


8/7/2017 10:00 AM

The driver slides over the axle, no threads. The threads are on the outside of the driver for the clutch to thread onto when you engage it. Both pieces slide freely on the axle


8/7/2017 10:11 AM

I'm thinking the only thing that might hinder me, is if my hub bearing on the drive side is a different size than whatever driver I order requires. Even then I could just order a bearing with the appropriate inner and outer diameters. I think I'm gonna try it, if it doesn't work, oh well, it's just $55. If it does work, it's better than $100+ for an entire new hub. And I'd always have spares to switch it back if I felt like it.


8/7/2017 10:27 AM

And I just discovered that the east-coaster clutch is threaded for both lhd and rhd. So you can switch drive sides by just switching out the actual driver. No need to disassemble the hub. You can see the dual thread pattern if you look closely at the pic. That's fuckin sweet. Photo


8/7/2017 10:59 AM

The Kink one allows-no other brands are doing that.

A buddy of mine did that with an Alienation coaster and it ended up unthreading the ring inside the hubshell that the clutch grabs on to when you pedal-locking his hub into a fixie.

So I would contact whatever brand you currently have and ask how the clutch ring is fastened into the hubshell. If threaded, no go. If pressed in with grooves-go for it-the clutch and driver would work.


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8/7/2017 11:39 AM

Interesting, I never thought about the ring the clutch actually grabs being threaded into the shell. I have to check that out. Thanks!