(Kind of a CSB) Getting Thunderbolt Socket Drive Cranks

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6/2/2014 3:51 PM

So when the time comes around I am buying Odyssey Thunderbolt SD Cranks, I was a little curious to know, but when I saw the weight was 26.8 oz w/o the BB, probably about 5 or so ounces extra with the BB. So about 31 or so ounces in total. But that is not the point. I honestly thought the Thunderbolts would be a bit on the heavier side, not that I care or anything about the weight

They are still going to be GREAT cranks, I mean I could imagine dating from the Twombolts when they were around, those were fairly popular, and it seems like the Thunderbolts (REG & Socket Drive) would be even more popular, again, the weight is not something I mind AT ALL.

This thread is somewhat pointless, but I was just a little surprised that they are on the more lightweight side.

Anyway, I might as well take this as the chance to ask the community, whoever has Thunderbolts (REG & Socket Drive) how you have been enjoying them. I know there is nothing wrong with my current cranks. I am just tired of them now, they are also about 5 years old.


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6/2/2014 4:16 PM

I have Socket Drive Thunderbolts and a 30T Socket Drive Tree Lite waiting for my new build. Can't wait.

I rode Socket Drive Thunderbolts and a 28T Odyssey Killington on my friend's bike and I loved it. Socket Drive feels so smooth and is so easy to work with. Plus it looks super clean and is very light. And Thunderbolts just feel so stiff and better than every other crank I've ridden.


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