Kink Gap vs Kink Whip

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3/23/2016 12:35 AM

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to get into bmx, and at my local store, there are two bikes for sale,
Kink gap and Kink Whip.
Kink gap comes with LHD which is supposedly better for regular footed riders (?) while Kink Whip comes RHD.
However, Kink gap doesn't have a full chrmo frame while Kink whip does.
The Kink whip retails for about $40 USD more than Kink Gap.
My question would be, should i get the Kink Gap, or the Kink Whip?
Does the difference in frame matter alot?
Thanks alot.
PS: They are both 20.5" and im about 5'8 ~ 5'9


3/23/2016 12:38 AM

go the kink whip


ride bikes, have fun


3/23/2016 1:18 AM

The whip is better. Drive side is personal preference, but usually you'd have it on the opposite side of your grind side (right foot forward people usually grind on the right, so use lhd so there's less chance of landing on your sprocket if you miss a peg)


3/23/2016 1:44 AM

Thanks for your input guys, actually i was just wondering if the difference is huge or noticeable because i actually prefer the LHD and the colourway of Kink Gap haha


3/23/2016 8:43 AM

The whip is noticeably better, more chromoly parts, sealed bearings throughout.
Do you plan on using pegs? How many? If so what side would you grind?