Kink Titan Frame (Hoping for new build in summer)

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1/23/2015 4:18 PM

This frame has been out for a while, and thought I'd ask if anyone has had any experience with it or knows anyone with experience with it, I am interested in building one up hopefully around this summer. Not going to give too much detail away for now, BUT, the color scheme is Black/Polished/Gumwall Tires. I'll be building it up with a freecoaster and dual cable brake system. That is all I am saying for now, I am still working on a more ideal setup around that frame and looking into different things, when the time is ready I'll be special ordering through my local shop, as well as getting a few parts directly from the shop. My local shop matches prices with danscomp which I find nice because if special ordering, you pay the dans price and they cover shipping. Anyways I am finished here, if you have any info on how this frame has held up to certain people or yourself, go ahead and reply with your own experience with the frame or whoever else's it may be. Thanks!


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