Kink liberty 2020 or WTP justice 2020

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1/29/2020 1:41 PM

I'm French, we have very few forums in France so I registered here. Sorry if my English is not perfect.

I'm 35 years old, I've been mountain biking since I'm 15, I've also done BMX but now my BMX is classified in the old school category and I would like to buy a recent one.
I would only ride street, skate park street style but no aerial tricks.

I spotted 2 bikes, the kink liberty 2020 and the WTP justice 2020. I don't know which one to choose.

The kink liberty looks good but the wheels look really bad.
The rear wheel of the kink costs only 79 euros on the french sites, it's cheap for a rear wheel. I'm afraid it's bad quality.

Another thing that worries me, on the kink there is no reinforcement weld on the top tube in front of the head tube. Almost every frame has a reinforcement weld at this place.

I don't know why in France almost nobody rides kink liberty bikes, we never see them so I can't get any information about this bike.

WTP justice I often see some, I never heard any problem on this bike; correct rear wheel and the shop will exchange me the single wall front wheel for a better double wall wheel.
The problem is that the frame is not fully chromoly, only the front triangle is chromoly.

So I hesitate between a bike with good wheels but not fully chromoly or a bike with not great wheels but chromoly frame.

The geometry of the two bikes is almost the same. Head tube difference 75.5 for the kink and 76 for the justice. Fork offset is the same on both bikes.

( Don't compare with the price, I'll take it on sale so it won't be the price you can see at the moment. )

Thank you